Furious Texas Paul REACTS to Horrific Roe v. Wade Decision

Texas Paul reacts to the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade with a call to action.

11 thoughts on “Furious Texas Paul REACTS to Horrific Roe v. Wade Decision

    1. Hello Jill. He does have a way of cutting through bullshit and clearly making his points. Critical thinking is not taught to students these days. I wonder what he did in his past, I think he is old enough to be retired. Hugs

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      1. No, they no longer teach students to think for themselves as they did when we were in school, and the result is catastrophic. Good question, Scottie! Yes, he does appear to be old enough to be retired, and unless I miss my guess, he’s got enough financial security, but I do wonder what he did for a living. Hugs

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        1. Hello Jill. I agree about the security, he has a very nice property and home. I would say he was either a lawyer or a highly paid university professor. He is used to public speaking and knows how to use words well. Hugs

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          1. I dug a bit tonight and came up with two possibilities for who Texas Paul is … I’ll do a bit more digging, but MeidasTouch sure has gone to great lengths to keep his identity a secret, it seems! Hugs

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                1. Hello Jill. The people who have testified at the Jan 6th hearings are being threatened and some need armed security. That was the speculation about why they needed to do the last public hearing so quickly and why they had so much extra security. The maga people consist of violent gangs and militias. The Oath Keepers, the 3%s, the Proud Boys and also ones that think they will be called on to save the country like the Michigan Militia are the brownshirts of the Republican fascist party. Hugs

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                2. Indeed, it is my understanding that Ms. Hutchinson’s life was threatened and that was the reason for the hastily called hearing on Tuesday. The members of the committee have also received threats on their own lives and those of their families. If this is an indicator of who and what the Republican Party is, then they deserve to be completely dismantled and a new party formed from the ashes.

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