BREAKING: Trump rally speaker SHOCKS by calling end of Roe victory for WHITE LIFE

llinois Congresswoman Mary Miller made an absolutely shocking remark at Trump’s rally in Illinois, proudly stating that the end of Roe v. Wade was a “historic victory for white life.” But this racist and horrific statement is only scratching the surface.

What I do not understand is why the white racist think this is going to help them?  Really wealthy or reasonably OK white women are going to be able to go out of the state to another state and get an abortion.  Poor white women and black women will be the ones forced to have unwanted babies.   Based on demographics that show that black people because of the history of the US tend to be lower income, there will be more black babies born.  So how does this help the white race?  Unless the next goal will be to remove citizenship from people of color.   Sorry actually before they can do that, they need to get rid of Loving vs Virginia.    Can’t allow the mixing of the races.   Hugs

10 thoughts on “BREAKING: Trump rally speaker SHOCKS by calling end of Roe victory for WHITE LIFE

  1. What I don’t understand is why the white supremacists, Republicans, and whomever else are so hellbent and determined to bring about the extinction of the human (and other) species by demanding more babies be born! Planet Earth is already over-populated and in we have destroyed … and continue to destroy … the environment every minute of every day. Add more people and the environment will be destroyed at even a greater rate of speed. Perhaps that’s their goal? It seems that intelligent and coherent thought are sorely lacking these days. Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. Yes the planet has far too many people, but to the white supremacists far too many are the wrong color. They are trying hard to promote the white race and increase their members. But they don’t seem to understand that banning abortion will do the opposite. White women who have the means will still be able to travel to get an abortion, but the poor women will be forced to birth the pregnancy. As more poor women are people of color it will mean more babies of color. So they will only hasten that which they are fighting against, which is the changing demographics. Hugs

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      1. Excellent point, Scottie. But these dumbasses are so blinded by what they think “God” wants, they have forgotten how to use common sense. One day they might be surprised to find the “people of color” have become so dominant in numbers … and so sick and tired of being beaten down … that they will rise up against them. Not only that, I tend to think there will be many “white” people who will join in the revolution. I just wish I could be around to see it happen …

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        1. Hello Nan. The problem as I have read it is the white people are terrified that when POC get to be the majority they will treat the white people as badly as the white people treated POC. Think of what that means? It means that racist white people understand they are mistreating POC. But it is really stupid to think that way. POC don’t want to subjugate white people, they just want to be treated fairly with equality. I think this is a subset of the entire idea that the US is number 1 and American exceptionalism without realizing how silly that is, other cultures are not lessor and have many grand things about them. But the wealthy are terrified that the people of the US will see how better other people in other countries have it and they don’t want us to know about it. Hugs


      2. Ahhhh … you are so right, and I don’t know why I didn’t think of that! And you are also correct in pointing out the flaw in their logic, once again proving that they cannot think past the tip of their … er … um … nose. What a messy world this has become … or perhaps it always was and I just didn’t see it. Be sure to check out this morning’s ‘good people’ post … you are given honourable mention! Hugs

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  2. As the environment continues to deteriorate, those lacking in pigmentation will not survive. Inbreeding as they are will do no good, they need a cock brought from afar; fresh breeding stock, more suitable to survival in a harsh environment. I am reminded of an argument I heard numerous times when I was still engaging the horse’s ass mouth, about how “they” don’t procreate, so just leave them alone, they’ll die out. I say “leave them alone,” the whites are inbred, a dying breed, dying out.

    EYaw, they can still do a great deal of harm. That die is cast, it’s in the pipeline. There’s no stopping it, the best we can hope for is to mitigate the pain.

    Could round them up. At gunpoint if need be. Stuff them in cattle-cars, “escort” them (for their “safety”, of course) to reservations somewhere out in the hinterlands. Mars comes to mind, the Moons of Neptune …

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. I read this on your blog. I never thought of the changing climate and how it would affect those with, as you call it, a lack of pigmentation. Do you really think it could go that way? The people with means will fight hard to find ways to save their skin, both literally and figuratively. I think that the idea of pale skin being again a mark of beauty like it was back in the early to middle 1800s will make a big come back. I don’t like it, I don’t think it is healthy, and I think that the sooner we all sort of blend the far better off the world will be.

      But your last I will hope was said in jest. I cannot endorse doing to any populations what was done in the past. I get pissed off that the same groups that claimed that never again means something are supporting what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. If never again is going to mean anything it must apply to every population, not just the favored or the wealthy. Hugs


      1. Half in jest ~ those that know what I’m saying know, those who do not, do not.

        My family, two of my families, were rounded up, at gunpoint, stuffed into cattle-cars, and “escorted” to reservations somewhere out in the hinterlands.

        The only Good Republican …


        1. Hello Ten Bears. I am sorry that it happened to your family and to all the Native People. That was wrong of the people here then, and I am not sure if there can ever be an adequate remedy or response. I don’t have any good ideas on how to return the lives lost, the land taken, the personal dignity of both the individuals and the population as a group. All I know for a fact is it was fucking wrong and needs to be addressed. Sadly there is a segment of the public that wants to pretend that either there was no one here when the white people arrived or those that were here were nothing more than animals that welcomed the civilizing brought to them. Yes that ignores the fact our very writing of the constitution was done with the help of the Native People and so much more of the thriving civilizations that were on this continent. What drives me crazy is people who insist on teaching that the US never made a mistake or did anything wrong. They want to ignore it all, but that won’t make the country better nor prevent another such tragedy. Hugs

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