GOP US House Nominee: It’s Harder To Get Pregnant From Rape Because “It’s Not Happening Organically”

This shows why sexual education is so desperately needed in all US schools at all levels.   Even College and homeschooled kids need to be tested in basic biology and anatomy.  Hugs

“Maybe because there’s so much going on in the body. I don’t know. I haven’t, you know, seen any studies. But if I’m processing what you’re saying, it wouldn’t surprise me. Because it’s not something that’s happening organically. You’re forcing it. The individual, the male, is doing it as quickly. And so I can see why there is truth to that. It’s unfortunate.” – Virginia Republican US House nominee Yesli Vega, when asked if she’s also heard that it’s “harder for a women to get pregnant from rape.”

Vega, the chair of Latinos For Youngkin, is running to unseat two-term incumbent Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger.

Todd20036 • 4 hours ago

Translation: if you get pregnant you weren’t raped

DmR Philly Mike 🐸 • 2 hours ago

How people can grow up being sooooo ignorant about the basics of human physiology is totally beyond me!

This is not MD/PhD advanced studies, it was covered in HS biology! Everybody should have taken that.

Houndentenor DmR • 2 hours ago

It’s cute that you think most Americans were taught anything resembling medical/science-based sex ed in public schools.That’s especially true in the states that will have abortion bans.

The_Wretched Todd20036 • 3 hours ago

That is the core of the misogynist argument here. They also accept that it wasn’t rape if you don’t fight back hard ‘enough’ or if you drank, wore a skirt, were in the wrong place, went on a date, were just too sexy, were just too available, etc.

another_steve Todd20036 • 3 hours ago

No, Todd. This is the translation:

“Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior, died for our sins. If you accept him into your life, you will not be raped, ever. You will not get unintentionally pregnant. The Angels of Heaven will speak through your mate’s semen and bless you forever and ever, amen.”

Dan M • 4 hours ago

OT but hilarious from Mary Trump.


Philly Mike 🐸 Rebecca Gardner • 4 hours ago

Why do gay men understand reproduction more than this woman?

Darreth Philly Mike 🐸 • 3 hours ago

Prolly for the same reason why atheists can quote the Bible more effectively than 95% of anyone who calls themselves a Christian.

Houndentenor Philly Mike 🐸 • 2 hours ago

Because we learned to get real information about sex and STDs and such instead of believing shit taught to us in right wing churches. I was actually taught that women had one more set of ribs than men because god took a set of ribs from Adam to make Eve. I am not making that up. I was taught that they could tell if a skeleton was male or female that way. There was a very embarrassing moment in HS biology when my teacher corrected me (fortunately this was not in front of the entire class). That was the day I learned to find out science from science books and nowhere else.

Adam Schmidt Philly Mike 🐸 • an hour ago

Because we had to unlearn all the bullshit we got taught as kids and figure out what’s real.

If there’s one thing we could do for the “straight world”, it’s to help them unlearn all that bullshit about gender roles. I swear, I hear my husband talk about how he and I divvy up household chores with the women he works with and every damn time at least one of them will pipe up with “my husband would never do the laundry” or something idiotic like that. Possession of a vagina is not a requirement to do laundry, folks. Or cook, or pick up the kids, or do grocery shopping. Nor is having a dick a requirement for mowing the yard or doing auto maintenance.

Raising_Rlyeh • 4 hours ago

For those that don’t know, this crazy nut job is a fucking cop

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