Sarah Huckabee Sanders HUMILIATES herself on stage in megaviral clip

3 thoughts on “Sarah Huckabee Sanders HUMILIATES herself on stage in megaviral clip

  1. As usual, I didn’t watch the entire video … but the reason I stopped this time was her comment that “when a kid is in the womb, they are as safe as they are in a classroom.”

    THIS is just one of the misconceptions that anti-abortionists have. That “kid in the womb” is NOT a “kid!” It is an embryo! Good grief! The sex isn’t even determined until around 18-20 weeks. But it makes a good talking point and helps them visualize a REAL BABY that’s being aborted.

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    1. Hello Nan. Nan, Nan, Nan, you be talking that science stuff again. Now you rest your female brain before it overheats and go cook something. You leave the thinking up to the men Preachers & Pastors that know best because of their study of the collection plate … I mean the Bible of course.

      I agree with you. Recently two different die hard all babies are alive kids that start at conception have been fooled into saying a picture of a fetus was a human baby. The first was a dolphin fetus and the second was an elephant fetus. I got into several arguments on the right wing channels about abortion. I got attacked by spitting foaming fanatics that couldn’t understand that what they were calling a baby was a clump of cells with no brain, no heart, no nervous system. They are rabid that it is a baby. You read the arguments on Gary’s site when we discussed abortion. He wanted to talk about the procedure rather than the life of the woman. Hugs

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      1. you be talking that science stuff again … I know! I know! It just overwhelms me when I read/hear such STOOPID stuff coming from such STOOPID people.

        Love your fetus stories! Just one more example of how SOME people think with their nether parts instead of their brain.

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