Let’s talk about how SCOTUS helped the Democratic Party….

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about how SCOTUS helped the Democratic Party….

    1. Hello Ali. So true. You are correct. Right now we are playing a card game where the others at the table are cheating and get to have more cards than we do. We have to do everything we can, and we just might come out a little bit ahead. Howard Dean had a 50 state plan when he was in charge to the DNC, and as soon as the Clinton people / Obama came in they wanted to concentrate on the top elections only. That is why the Republicans now have so many states and the state level offices. Now all across the country the maga are taking over election offices and school boards. Again where is the push back from the Democrats? The Pelosi’s and the old congress people only care about their seats and their power. Guess what, the Speaker of the House and the Minority Leader make the same amount of money. So Nancy doesn’t really care if we lose the seats, yes she would like the power of the top office but she will take the second one that pays the same. Thankfully things are changing, these recent losses are waking the younger crowd up. AOC is now openly calling for leadership change. I love it. Hugs

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