Boebert: “Church Is Supposed To Direct Government”

“The reason we had so many overreaching regulations in our nation is because the church complied. The church is supposed to direct the government. The government is not supposed to direct the church. That is not how our Founding Fathers intended it. And I’m tired of this separation of church and state junk that’s not in the Constitution. It was in a stinking letter and it means nothing like what they say it does.” – GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert, presumably referring an 1802 letter from Thomas Jefferson to a Baptist group.

Boebert’s primary is today.


SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad • an hour ago

If we had a functioning government, this would be grounds for expulsion from Congress (and no doubt not her first qualifying utterance). This statement violates her oath of office.

tomcor SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad • an hour ago

You’re right – the key word is a “functioning” government not a junta of 6 rogues on the Supreme Court!

Gigi • an hour ago

Doesn’t matter how many times you tell them the Founding Fathers didn’t want America to be a theocracy they chime in with “show me where the words ‘separation of church and state’ are in the Constitution!”

Q: Are they stupid or lying liars?
A: Yes.

Makoto • an hour ago

Some brave newsperson needs to ask her “which is ‘the‘ church?” Make her specify. Drill down. What flavor of which branch? Get to which version of ‘the‘ bible is the correct one as well. And definitely don’t let her get away with the garbage “Judeo-Christian” term, which is nonsensical anyway. One of those groups thinks the other is hellbound, the other thinks that the other folks don’t know how to read prophecy right. And it’s mostly used to ignore the third major Abrahamic religion in a rather deliberate way so they can be, pardon the term, demonized.

But knowing how the media works, I doubt such a brave interviewer will step up.

Makoto Gustav2 • an hour ago

Of course. Many of whom belong to churches which are hyper-evangelical, very conservative, and scary. And they never, ever want to admit which church they belong to, since it’s “a relationship” not “a religion” and other such garbage to avoid answering.

The_Wretched • an hour ago

The Federalist Papers, the commentary at the time of the founding on the Constitution wanted as much separation between church and State as possible. Like even more than you’ll hear from people today.

Boobert is painfully wrong and so is SCOTUS in Bremerton.

TexasBoy • 42 minutes ago • edited

So, Lauren, WHICH church/Religion is supposed to run the government? There are literally thousands of different Christian sects with different canons and beliefs, then there is Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Satanism, Wicca, and so forth. Plus, many if the Founding Fathers were Master Masons, and many religions disagree with Freemasonry.

Mark Née Fuzz • an hour ago

This is what happens when you elect someone who flunked her GED courses several times before they gave her a degree out of pity.

Happy_Housewife mikeiver • an hour ago

You usually have to go to a Christian school to find someone as dumb as Lauren. Or a homeschool. Or some private school for rich children who will never have to work.

clay Raging Bee • 29 minutes ago • edited

Just among Protestant Christians in the US, there are about 3000 denominations (not counting independent congregations). That’s about one per county (or county equivalent, looking at you, Louisiana, Virginia cities, and DC). Seriously, I think a lot of “under-educated” Americans have trouble imagining a country any larger than their school district was back when they lost their virginity and found alcohol.

7 thoughts on “Boebert: “Church Is Supposed To Direct Government”

    1. Hello Michael. Oh she would hate living in that time. But she is doing all she can to get it back not realizing what her life would be like then or in a religious controlled country. She should look at the Handmaiden’s Tale or the women in the Islamic controlled countries. She is important now, and she knows it. Seems she was a less than successful escort but well enough at it to use it to get a seat in congress. I wonder if that is how young Mattie Cawthorn first did it? After all those coke fueled orgies need some young bodies as well. Hugs


  1. I’m in Australia and I’m bemused that such aberrant religious views exist in the public sphere, even more so that they seem to go unchallenged in the media. She seems to be in complete ignorance about history and has no understanding of scripture or theology (most people would be too embarrassed to even say such things without some knowledge), the sad thing is, watching from afar, such views have been eroding the national will for some time.

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    1. Hello Paul. Welcome. Yes very true. The sad part is her uneducated spewing is becoming the accepted truth for her party’s segment of the country. There has been a drive by some groups to dumb down the US by destroying public education in every way possible. It has become fruitful for them. Destroy education and the ability of people to reason or think, and you can rule over them with religion. Hugs


    1. Hello Keith. It used to be common knowledge that the country was founded as a secular one. However that was what the homeschooling push was about, indoctrinating generations of kids with religious dogma. The fake historian and full time Christian theocrat pusher David Barton who has pushed a totally fictional history of the US. Everything from it was intended to be a Christian theocracy to only Christianity was what the founders wanted and how the founders were super religious and so on. It was those evil heathens that are lying to you that there is separation of church and state. We are now on the third generation of kids taught this nonsense. It was taught at Christian schools also. So there is now a large segment of the public that believes it. That is what we are fighting. So much disinformation being accepted as fact. As we seen on the Covid virus constant misinformation is hard to overcome especially when pushed at the congressional level. As for Barton, his star has fallen quite a bit since his last book on Jefferson was found to be so full of lies it was recalled by the publisher. Still doesn’t stop him. Or those that believe him. Hugs

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