8 thoughts on “Men

    1. Hello Roger. Really shows what it means to be a man has been drastically twisted in the US. I admit I never understood that be a man shit. Both males and females are just human people. But the video does point out that being an adult human should mean accepting responsibility and moving to fix mistakes. Not to double down on the mistake. Hugs

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      1. There was a time when the roles were defined, then we progressed now insecure and mean-spirited creatures are trying to undo a lot of good work.
        I use ‘Man’ as a defining role for my gender. Not those braggart, loud-mouthed, irresponsible, juvenile, selfish type who define themselves as ‘men’. I throw that back at them ‘Real’ men treat women as equal partners. ‘Real’ men accept folk as equals. ‘Real’ men try to put into the Community for the good of all. ‘Real’ men know they screw up, but try to do better.
        Those are ‘Real’ men.

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