7 thoughts on “U.S. Supreme Court reinstates Louisiana electoral map faulted for racial bias | Reuters

  1. Hi Scottie, and thanks. I’m watching the 1/6 Committee hearing. The insurrection is going full steam ahead.

    When I heard the testimony about Trump trying to take control of The Beast, I immediately thought of Richard III at Bosworth Field (?)

    “A horse. A horse. My kingdom for a horse.” (5.4 & 5). And also of Richmond in the final scene, “The bloody dog is dead.”

    Well. I hope that’s where the hearings take us. I imagine also, that Trump and his sycophants are being visited by a few ghosts.

    I worry about what those people, including the GOP Legislators, between now and the election.

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    1. Hello Columbus Goss. I just reblogged a post from Tengrain on Mock Paper Scissors that gives a point by point breakdown of the testimony and the important points. The hearing tied the chief of staff to the “war room” with Stone, Rudy, the Oath Keepers, and the Proud Boys. The hearing tied tRump to the armed insurrection at the Capital. No way that the DOJ can let this go. Hugs


    1. Hello Columbus Goss. We know because it came out at the end of the hearing that some high level Republicans were trying to intimidate the witnesses, had sent them texts and phone calls telling then that “he” reads the transcripts and that tRump is watching the hearings. We are seeing the powerful attempt to stop this and stop those willing to cooperate. This is going to get worse now. Hugs


  2. Scottie, did the Minions take over SCOTUS? By the way, hearing Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony was a privilege. Seeing her courage and honor made me proud that some public servants remember their oath. Many things struck me, but one that I want to highlight follows.

    In two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Bob Woodward’s book “Fear” based on 750 hours of interviews with Trump staff, he noted that people walk on eggshells around Trump, fearful to tell him things he does not want to hear. So, hearing he threw a plate with food against the wall is par for the course for a …spoiled brat, which Republican icon retired Senator Alan Simpson called Donald J. Trump this weekend.

    Scottie, we have long said the truth underneath all of this is far worse than we could guess. That is apparently being borne out.


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    1. Hello Keith. My Husband was one of tRump’s Butlers. He throw food and other objects at Ron when he was angry. He has no anger control and he has never faced any consequences for any actions he does. He doesn’t clean up the mess, he doesn’t go hungry if he throws the food, he has never been told NO. How so many in the country have been taken in by this con man grifter is stunning. Hugs

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