Reuters: Video shows Ohio officers killed unarmed Black man in hail of bullets

From Reuters News:

Video shows Ohio officers killed unarmed Black man in hail of bullets

Video released on Sunday showed eight police officers in Akron, Ohio, were involved in a shooting that killed an unarmed Black man whose body was found with some 60 gunshot wounds after he fled a traffic stop last week.

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12 thoughts on “Reuters: Video shows Ohio officers killed unarmed Black man in hail of bullets

  1. I’m not going to watch the video, Scottie, but thankx for the post. I saw the news item earlier. It makes us stop and give some serious thought to where we are as a society. I have forgotten how many officers were present at Uvalde and didn’t go after one murderer. Here, an unarmed black man gets mutilated by a squad.

    They have a serious need for us to be afraid.

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    1. Hello Cagjr. Police have lost track of what their job should be. Plus the training is hyper aggressive militaristic. Police are taught that they are under constant threat and their living through the shift is paramount and takes priority over all else. The other bad aspect is the infiltration of white supremacists in the police and military. In a way they have become armed gangs with the authority of the state behind them. Where in history have we seen that before and the horrible outcomes from it. Hugs


  2. If it takes 8 cops to take down one man, armed or not, they are all incompetent cowards. If it takes 60 bullet holes, they are murderers. Stopping someone and senselessly filling them with bullets are slightly different. Like the difference between a slap and a chain saw. I could be more disgusted, but you caught me in a good mood.

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    1. Hello Dennis. I recently posted a video and story about a strong black man who did not speak English well. The cop pulled him over because he was black and ordered the man out of the car. Outside the car the officer became extremely angry that the man did not understand what the cop was yelling at him. The cop threatened the passenger several times who kept trying to tell the cop that the man did not understand him and that he would translate. The cop refused to let the passenger translate. The now infuriated in a rage the cop pulled his taser and tried to tase the black man who simply moved the cop’s arm in a different direction. The cop tried to physically manhandle the guy, but he was too strong. The guy did not fight the cop but simply was too strong for the cop to bend his arms or move him around. At this point the guy just starts walking around the car. Walking not running, to ask the passenger what the cop wanted. The cop tries to get him on the ground and the man simply just rolls the cop off and stands up and the cop now totally in a rage gets the man on the ground again and while straddling the man’s back, who is not resisting just laying still on the ground, clearly strong enough to remove the cop if he wanted to, the cop pulls his gun, puts it to the back of the man’s head, and fires. Killed him with a shot to the back of the head because he was furious that the man did not instantly obey him. It was an execution. It took a while, but the cop is being charged. Hugs

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        1. Hello Nan. I posted a video Beau did on it. TYT also did a video but I did not post that one. The shot man’s name is Patrick Lyoya. Beau did a great breakdown on it. Seems the incident happened in early April. I just googled his name and there are other reports on it with videos. I would ask you to watch this video Beau did, it really explains every step of the event. Thanks. Hugs

          Let’s talk about Patrick Lyoya in Grand Rapids….


          1. I just this morning did a bit of reading on this event so now I’m more familiar with the whole incident. It was truly tragic … but unfortunately goes along with what’s happening to black people in the world today. (Even when they’re from another country!) For far too many in law enforcement, skin color is the ONLY factor when determining guilt or innocence.

            (And uh … umm … no. I’m not watching Beau’s videos.)

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  3. Hi Scottie. After you posted the article on the Beavers, I went searching for it on Curiosity. I didn’t ger far. The first thing I saw was ‘Shakespeare on Tyrants.’ If you haven’t watched it or read Greenblatt’s book, I wish you, and everyone else would check it out. It is as though he was writing about Trump and our present situation.

    Just a thought. Sorry to interrupt.

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    1. Hello Cagjr. I went to curiosity stream, but I did not have an account. I looked it up and it does sound interesting and if the blurbs were correct it sounds like our country today. You are not an interruption and it is a good suggestion. Hugs


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