5 thoughts on “Republican crowd TURNS on Trump as Cheney SHREDS him in speech

  1. There is simply no getting around it … the outcome of the upcoming elections will tell the tale. And at this point in time, our ONLY hope is just because there’s a lot of NOISE, not everyone is listening.

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    1. Hello Nan. I agree the next couple of elections will be as important as the last and it will be so until the democrats change enough of the rigged election laws and gerrymandering of the republicans so they cannot simply undo democracy. What I do not understand is why the republicans not in the cult of tRump are willing to have the republicans stop democracy and make it a one party authoritarian government. Except the religious ones want a theocracy and their god is a dictator. But really, we are that close to losing it all to a minority and I wonder if the people here in the country who are being beaten to despair are just trying to survive. A lady in the part told me her son has to move in with her because his rent has jumped again more than $500 dollars and he cannot afford the hikes in rent anymore. Same with James, he moved back with us not just because it is where he is happy but rents were more than he could afford even working as many hours as he does. The politicians want this so people just accept or don’t understand what the politicians are doing. Hugs

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    1. Hello Roger. It is scary because that segment of the public is a minority, a small part of the population that really wants a theocracy compared to those who are just religious. The American Taliban, which is what that minority wants. As for Cheney, she is what hardline Republicans used to be. Now they are a cult. The many clips I have seen of this “debate” are stunning, really mentally unhinged. But these are what passes for regular republicans these days and they are winning all over the country. They are the maga cult of tRump that no longer even need trump. Any gangster thug who will create a religious dictatorship they will accept. Reality is now what ever these people want or claim it to be. Hugs

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