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    This post is spot-on, and I would only add that it is noteworthy that yesterday’s shooter is still alive. He is white. The Buffalo shooter who killed 10 people in a grocery store is still alive. He is white. Jayland Walker didn’t even shoot anybody and yet he is dead with over 60 bullet wounds in his body. He is Black.

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    1. Hello Jill. Your comment says it all so clearly. A black person in a traffic stop is more danger to the police and so more likely to be killed than a white shooter with a rifle. They gave Rittenhouse a pass because he was white but killed Philando Castile next to his girlfriend in front of his young children as he was following the police officers orders. A lot of police do not see black people as humans but as an overwhelming threat. And black people cannot win. They will get shot if they run, they will get shot if they piss the cop off, they will get shot for disobeying the police, and they may get shot or beaten up for following the police orders. So what should they do? One thing that really struck me about Jayland Walker was after they unloaded that many rounds in him they still handcuffed the dead body. Why was he still a threat to them even when dead? Just existing was a threat? They did not even take them off to send the body to the morgue. It was clearly meant as a humiliation and that is how the family has seemed to take it. Hugs

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      1. There was a time when I thought we had moved past this, but obviously I was wrong. Given that we still haven’t, I’ve lost the hope that we ever will. Humans are so deeply flawed … the only species that kills for pleasure alone. Sigh. Hugs

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          1. Sadly, I don’t think so, my friend. We are on the brink of extinction due to our own extravagances and excesses, our own greed, and still, rather than work together to solve the problem, humans are continuing to fight for domination over all others. No, I don’t think humans are capable of growing up enough to stop judging, stop hating. Hugs

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  2. Hugs, Scottie. I’ve heard of two mass shootings in Europe lately, not sure where, but maybe American shooters are being emulated in other countries now. I’m sure the NRA and Republucan MAGAts are proud to be leading the way.

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    1. Hello Rawgod. There was a time I was proud of what my country exported culturally to other nations. Back when I was young we had music, TV shows, movies, styles that others around the world wanted to be part of or consume. Then the US religious leaders got into the exporting hate business and pushed the less developed countries to hate the LGBTQ+. Then I learned about all the horrible shit the government of the country I was proud of had done to screw up so many other countries and their people, for our own profit and gain. I am sure you know the list better than I do. But I lost all respect for the US pushing our ideas overseas when we started to attack other countries with no reason but pettiness and because we were assholes. Iraq comes to mind. So yes it has been a long time since the US has exported anything worthwhile for the rest of the world to emulate. Really at this point the people in the US need to look seriously at other countries and see how much higher quality of life in those countries is. The US people need to demand reforms to give our own people the same benefits other nations give their people. We don’t need to teach other countries; we need to learn from them. Hugs


      1. Ah, Scottie, if only Americans could see themsrlves the way the rest of the world does, as you yourself are finally doing. I have been fighting the brainwashing for years, especially since I started blogging. But brainwashing is hard to overcome. For a nation who prides themselves on all people being equal, Americans (in general, not spefically those who have fought their way to see reality) believe themselves more equal than the people of any other nation. Americans are the best! Yeah, the best at believing the propaganda they are fed as children. You fought off that brainwashing, as did some others. I do hope you can make your fellow Americans take a real look at themselves. The whole world will be better for it.

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