Highland Park Mayor: Gun Was “Legally Obtained”

The gun was legally bought!   Law abiding people shouldn’t have their 2nd amendment rights hindered is the talking point of the right.  It is a dodge.   All gun owners are law abiding until they break the law.  Right.  The issue is the guns.  This country has too many guns that are far too easy to get.   Full stop.  The new ruling from SCOTUS ensures more guns carried in public by more people.   Of course the Justices don’t care, they are well protected by several police forces, people can not even protest near their homes, they have personal security details, and they never have to go out among the unwashed masses.    The rest of us do not have that protections, we have to be out in the community wondering who is carrying a gun and having a really pissy day.  Who came out armed after a fight at home or with the neighbors?   The fact is the gun situation is going to kill the US economy.   We have a service economy built on people shopping and eating out.  Already people started buying online.   A lot of people won’t go out of eat, to movies, to events if the are afraid of the gun violence.  So that stuff stops.  People will gather at home in small groups, they will leave the public spaces to the young and the gangs.  This is going to radically change the way people in the US live.  Plus schools may end up going fully remote.   As a parent do you want to send your kid to a building that is regularly attack and kids die?   What about going to the office to work?   Who there is carrying a gun?  People will want to work from home.   See the effect of that one weapon on the entire society that the protected elite don’t care about?    Hugs

CNN reports:

Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering said while she didn’t know where the gun used in Monday’s mass shooting in her city came from, she told NBC, “I do know that it was legally obtained.”

Rotering said she had known the shooting suspect, Robert E. Crimo III, as a child. “I know him as somebody who was a Cub Scout when I was the Cub Scout leader,” the mayor told NBC. “He was just a little boy.”

Rotering said the focus in the discussion about the shooting should be about “the fact that there are weapons of war on our streets, that people can legally obtain these and then take out dozens of people.”

Read the full article.


Soon guns will be easier to get than contraceptives.


Soon, owning contraception will carry a greater penalty than owning a gun

They want liberals to be too afraid to organize and protest

They know Nazi cops will do nothing to stop MAGAts

We can’t even attend parades

Any gathering of any crowd is now a risk of a shooting. We had one in Philly last night at The Welcome America concert on the Parkway. No one was killed.

The mayor said he was going to be happy to not be mayor when his term is up having to deal with the shooting rates in Philly. One big problem is the state won’t let Philly write a gun control law for the city.

The fact that it was legally obtained, what does that says about assault rifles that belong in the war zone are okay to be use in a civilize society?

Darreth • 3 hours ago

It’s as clear and obvious as it can possibly be that GQP politicians *WANT* massacre victims within our borders to sustain war injuries. They’re not happy unless everyone is thoroughly engaged with their continuous, endless war. Without this war they can’t win the hearts and minds of their target demographic: evangelicals who worship a genocidal deity.

Randy503 Darreth • 2 hours ago

And why do they want it? Because they are paranoid that a Democrat president will take away their guns. So they need to guns to protect their right to own guns.


Rex • 3 hours ago

Yes, that’s what we’ve been saying for years, no one should possess a weapon of war, legally or otherwise. That’s what we’ve been screaming into the deaf GOP ears and they just make it easier for people to get their hands on one.

Gay Fordham Prep Grad April Smith • 3 hours ago • edited

I think we have to go further than that and publicize the gruesome pictures of the victims; the people who vote need to see what they are voting for.

BearEyes Gay Fordham Prep Grad • an hour ago

I came here to say similar. I liken it to the nightly body count during Vietnam where even we lost Walter Cronkite to help turn the public against the senseless war. Emmitt Tills’ mother insisting his body be shown to make the public aware of the brutality.

BartmanLA • 3 hours ago

At this point I’m beyond caring what either a democrat or republican says about gun control, It’s too fucking late to try closing the barn door now. There’s literally millions of assault style weapons or actual weapons made for theatre’s of war out there to try to put a lid on it now. The population as a whole would need to be on board with confiscating and destroying those already obtained WoW and that just isn’t going to happen, no matter how horrific the body count goes, there are a significant number of 2A zealots out there that will fight tooth and nail to keep their precious symbols of “freedumb”. This problem is our new reality, trying to educate or legislate away having and keeping these guns is a fallacy in today’s America. There is a lot to be said about serious mental health care and spotting the behaviors of those that have been responsible for the thousands of mass shootings in the past. But until we has a nation respond to it, that won’t change either.

TnCTampa • 3 hours ago

But remember …. You are paying more at the pump and at the grocery store…. thats the real tragedy

Bambino🇺🇦🌻 TnCTampa • 3 hours ago

Don’t say gay in school is worse than children getting gun down. Must get your priority straight. /s

heleninedinburgh • 3 hours ago

The republicans want a civil war. What better way to get it than to make possible, then incite, this type of action?

They don’t even have to use donor money to buy the guns.

SemiFriendly Atheist • 3 hours ago • edited

If owning these types of weapons is a “right”, why not a bazooka?


I was shocked to read that …

Grenades and rocket launchers, also known as bazookas, are considered “destructive devices” by the National Firearms Act. They are also classified as firearms and are therefore legal with proper registration.



doninkansas SemiFriendly Atheist • 2 hours ago

I’ve told this before, but I have a nephew in Missouri who honestly believes that the 2nd amendment allows all Americans to be free to own any type of weapon, up yo and including atomic bombs. He scares me. He also has a bug out place hidden somewhere in the Ozarks that only he, his wife, parents and younger brother know the location. Sadly, in this part of the world that isn’t uncommon. I’ve often wondered if he belongs to some of the nationalist groups the Ozarks is full of.

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