Eric Greitens: My “Army Of Patriots” Is Coming For You

AltetNet reports:

GOP Senate candidate Eric Greitens, the disgraced ex-governor of Missouri, has released a second campaign ad promoting violence against his political opposition.

Greitens, who has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump, was widely condemned after the release of a spot last month in which he encouraged his supporters to “hunt” Republicans who have broken away from Trump.

“Because I fought for you, they came after me. But we’re back, wiser, stronger, and still fighting. And this time, with an army of patriots,” Greitens says. Three camouflaged individuals emerge from a field behind Greitens, who then destroys a secondary target.

Read the full article. Greitens claims that he previous ad was meant to be humorous.

What could be more “humorous” than a campaign ad that glorifies gun violence against your political opposition? I’m sure the survivors of all the US mass shootings will agree.


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