Fox Guest Floats Exorcisms To Stop Mass Shootings

Media Matters has the transcript:

BILL BENNETT (CONTRIBUTOR): You need police. You need parents for sure. You need schools. You need to clean up social media. You need all that.

But you know, you may need an exorcist, too. Before your audience shakes its head on that, if you look at these boys, these men, these young men, they have deeply spiritual problems. Deeply.

If you go into the labyrinthine caves of the internet way down and I don’t recommend it, it’s ugly stuff and these guys dwell there. They live there. They drench themselves in it and it’s as ugly and evil as it gets.

Where are the ministers? Where are the rabbis? The priests? Look, I don’t want to suggest something that would seem farcical to a lot of your audience, but I think that the domain of religion ought to be involved here.

It’s a deeply spiritual void, I think, that these young men have in their hearts and their souls, and I think it needs to be addressed.

Bennett, who was Ronald Reagan’s secretary of education, last appeared on JMG in April 2020 when he declared coronavirus to be a mere “flu” and definitely not a pandemic. In 2019 we heard from Bennett when he said that Trump’s extortion of Ukraine was a “good thing.”

klockya • an hour ago

wow they really push to try ANYthing besides gun control

Ed B • an hour ago

Anything but the common denominator…

Protip. If the guns are the common denominator, then it just *might* be the guns.

DevilDog • an hour ago • edited

I’ll tell you what, Mr. Bennett. We can try both exorcisms and strict gun legislation, simultaneously. Let’s see if that will curb these mass murders.

No? You say exorcisms only? Then please go fuck yourself.

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