VIRAL VIDEO: Cultist House Rep Declares She Would “Shoot” Her Five Grandchildren To Stop Red Flag Laws

Mediaite reports:

An indignant Rep. Debbie Lesko said she’d do anything to protect her grandchildren, including shooting all five of them. That June floor speech during debate over landmark gun reform has gone viral.

In early June, as the House debated measures that would become the most significant gun legislation in decades, the Arizona Republican strode to the microphone to deliver her impassioned argument against red flag laws — by raising the reddest flag in congressional history.

“I have five grandchildren. I would do anything—anything—to protect my five grandchildren. Including, as a last resort, shooting them, if I had to, to protect the lives of my grandchildren,” Lesko said.

Read the full article. It’s not clear why Lesko’s June speech suddenly went viral yesterday or how even how it passed relatively unnoticed at the time.


Todd20036 • an hour ago

That she said it is bad enough

That she won’t be called out on it is worse

That she will still remain a lawmaker after that is why I see democracy ending in 3 years

Ninja0980 Todd20036 • 31 minutes ago

She’s running unopposed, not that it would matter since this district is solid red.

WaveMotionGum Todd20036 • 26 minutes ago

What she likely meant was that she would shoot the political opposition….not exactly better is it?

Dreaming Vertebrate • an hour ago

Yikes!! Time to revoke granny’s right to visit the little darlings!
What a hideous monster!

Reality.Bites • an hour ago

Well I suppose it would cut down on school shootings if everyone would just murder their children themselves.

Paula • 43 minutes ago

Hello, Police Department? I have a red flag that I would like to report.

clay • an hour ago • edited

If she shot her five grandchildren, wouldn’t that make her the violent criminal?
Oh, I get it, she thinks “criminal” is some kind of essential spiritual state like “demonic”. Wouldn’t be surprised if she thought the same about “Jewish” or “Black”. “But I’m a good Christian; this is not who I am.”

Philly Mike 🐸 • an hour ago

Now I feel like a monster, I am about to welcome my 1st granddaughter any day now and am thinking of what education fund to setup and she is talking about killing her grandchildren. I need to work on my priorities.

Bert_Bauer • an hour ago

Kids, I wouldn’t eat those cookies grandma just baked. I wouldn’t take any apples from the old witch, either.

Yves R. Mektin • an hour ago

OMG! She’s as nutso as Gosar and Biggs! And here I used to think that Lesko was the most reasonable RepubliQan in Arizona.

olandp • an hour ago

She also said that guns shouldn’t be taken away from violent mentally ill people. Then she said Republicans passed, and signed, into law, something that prevents mass shootings. I wonder what that was. It ain’t a-workin’.

Stogiebear • an hour ago

I guess the only thing that can stop a bad granny with a gun is good grandkids with guns. Isn’t that the reasoning?

Stogiebear • an hour ago • edited

She’s so “pro-life” she’ll kill her grandchildren to protect her guns fetish and idolatry. I hope the grandchildren and their parents understand grandma wants to kill them.

Dave B • an hour ago • edited

She said she would shoot her grandchildren if “necessary” to save them.

I want to know what she believes is a necessary situation that she would need to kill.

A stranger knocking at the door?

Walmart was out of her favorite hot pocket?

Trump is indicted?

cfa Dave B • 38 minutes ago

She would shoot them so that they would not have to undergo the horror of living in a country where there is health care for all and equal rights for people of color and gays.

2 thoughts on “VIRAL VIDEO: Cultist House Rep Declares She Would “Shoot” Her Five Grandchildren To Stop Red Flag Laws

  1. Well, this is just one problem with electing legislators who don’t know how the American English language works, or what some words mean. I HaTe to defend this awful person, but I got it on first read that the “them” in her phrase ‘”Including, as a last resort, shooting them, if I had to, to protect the lives of my grandchildren,” Lesko said.” means the threats. She’s gonna just have to suck up some abuse about not simply saying “them” means the threats to “my grandchildren.” Wonder if she wrote any essays for her college entrance exams if she went? Hmm. Let her pay for her continued failures with US English. She doesn’t have to be an awful person impersonating a US legislator.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello Ali. I figured she stumbled over her words but they love to mock every Democrat that makes a mistake. Look how they treat Biden. But then she claimed she never said those words rather than say she goofed. So again a republican that figures reality is what they wants it to be. Hugs

      Liked by 2 people

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