10 Foods That Were Invented for Another Purpose

Have you ever thought about how lucky we all are? We live in a blessed time where the shelves in supermarkets are full of food and everyone, literally everyone can easily find a treat for their taste. Few people know, however, that many famous and popular products hide a lot of secrets. And no, we are not necessarily talking about their ingredients; we mean why and for whom they were originally created. For example, people still talk about the creation of Franco-American’s canned SpaghettiOs, a popular product in the 80’s. Who decided to can a portion of cooked pasta? And what about Coca-Cola’s alcohol issues, healing meat steaks or flakes that make everyone kinder?

2 thoughts on “10 Foods That Were Invented for Another Purpose

  1. I did not know that about 7Up, though I find it odd no mention of Coke’s coke (7%), only it’s alcohol. I wrote a pretty substantial paper on the War on Drugs, was one of my thesis’ and I found it important that following the War of Treason in Defense of Slavery there were a lot of broken people and the use of coco and opo derived snake-oil to ease their pain widespread. These were everyday people: bankers, lawyers, shopkeepers, they weren’t “junkies”.

    I can overlook, though, the no mention of Coke’s coke only the alcohol because the root of the problem is with us today: yes, they were snake-oil, but they got people through the day. The temperance movement, the god-botherers, had more to do with ending it than science.

    The same god-botherers we have with us today …

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. I noticed the same issue with the Coke segment. The war on drugs was never about health and all to do with bigotry and ways to vilify segments of the public. I think it is clear that the more strict the government tries to be in regulating people’s enjoyment the worse the problem becomes, especially when the people have nothing else. What I don’t get is some people want to regulate and control what you can do for enjoyment and sex, but don’t want to regulate food production to make sure it is not dangerous to consume. Weird. Hugs


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