Hold true to who we are…

4 thoughts on “Hold true to who we are…

  1. OK, now on this one he “preaches” to just let sleeping dogs lie. What a bunch of crap! High and mighty words will most definitely make those people feel better about the whole “trashy” situation.

    Certainly, complaining and wailing and whining won’t change anything … but sometimes it makes up feel better. Sure, taking the “high road” is a worthy thing to do, but let’s be real. These slobs took advantage of the owners. If it were me, I’d be mightily pissed too!

    Sorry, Scottie … IMO, religiosity too often rings hollow.

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    1. Hello Nan. I disagree. I don’t think he is saying let sleeping dogs lie. The message I got from the video was to do the right thing, the loving thing, the kind thing, even if it costs you or bites you in the ass. Remember I am not a believer in deities. What I do believe in is people being decent and kind, understanding, tolerant and forgiving. I post this guy because in a lot of the videos he could be talking from a secular point of view, and when he is using his faith / religion he is using it to build up people not to tear them down, he is supportive of diversity and difference rather than bashing it. He is a counter point to the many hateful terrorist preacher I post. He uses his position not to bash others but to accept them. I like it. Notice he starts with telling his pronouns. Hugs

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      1. It may seem “secular” to you but it’s clearly religious to me. I admit that had he not been in “clerical” garb with stained glass windows in the background, I might have “heard” him differently. Too many years in the church world … 😖!!

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        1. Hello Nan. There is no doubt he is a religious leader; he is an Anglican Priest. What I like about most of what he says is that a lot of what he says makes sense without the bible. Like doing the right thing, caring for other people, having empathy for others, not being an asshole / jerk, and not discriminating or insulting others for being different. I also like he refutes the hate preachers and those that use their religion / bible to harm others. But for me as an atheist who really thinks there is no supernatural deity / beings and who thinks the bible is just the writings of geo-political issues of the time and by the people who wrote it, I can listen to him and think that he has good ideas for a community or society. Hugs


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