An Irish politician puts America on blast for not being a functioning democracy

5 thoughts on “An Irish politician puts America on blast for not being a functioning democracy

  1. Spot on. But, some of us have been working to form a more perfect union, and I have every confidence that we will. We have hit a brick wall recently and we don’t yet know if we will survive it. But he is onto something: We need somebody sticking their foot in our every time we show our hypocrisy to the world.

    Thankx Scottie. I hope you’re feeling well.

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    1. Hello Cagjr. It helps to see how we / the US appear to the rest of the world. We have a very narrow view of the world and our place in it, which I think is deliberately cultivated by the wealthy / big business so that people won’t realize how much better the people in other countries have it than we do. If people realized just how much is robbed from them and that we also could have the benefits that other advanced countries have if we just taxed the wealthy / corporations. If the people realized how badly they are being abused they would demand better, and the wealthy would lose profit. That must never happen that the wealthy lose profit. Hugs

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  2. Hard to argue, Scottie. We have Congress who won’t act except in rare occurrences and often at the nth hour. As a result, we are being governed by executive orders, which has an autocratic feel to it. Plus, 1/3 to 40% of our elected officials’ time in Congress is spent raising money, per a retiring Congressman. Plus, we have a former president who tried to cause a coup to stay in power and has lied about it and governors who are using his Big Lie to cheat some more to win. Not very functioning. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. Yes what you say is true. But to me it seems there is a deliberate push of “American exceptionalism” by the republicans in charge so that businesses / wealthy do not lose profit being taxed to pay what people in other countries have automatically. In the US we are told we are number 1 and we do everything the best. Do we really? We as a people suffer so the already wealthy can have even more. If we the people could see how much better the quality of life is for people in other developed countries, I think there would be a revolt. The public in the US is kept with blinders on, kept too busy to do more than scramble for what little we can get. Look at drug prices / healthcare in the US. The population is dying and going without so more profit can be made by those who don’t need more profit. Greed by the few is killing the public. Hugs

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