Librarians Are Quitting Due To Threats By Cultists

The New York Times reports:

As highly visible and politicized book bans have exploded across the country, librarians — accustomed to being seen as dedicated public servants in their communities — have found themselves on the front lines of an acrimonious culture war, with their careers and their personal reputations at risk.

They have been labeled pedophiles on social media, called out by local politicians and reported to law enforcement officials. Some librarians have quit after being harassed online. Others have been fired for refusing to remove books from circulation.

Conflicts around books have drastically escalated. Now, the Proud Boys, an extremist group, might show up at a school board meeting because books are on the agenda.

Read the full article.

The piece goes on to recount the personal stories of several librarians who have felt menaced enough to resign. Just as the cultists are doing with elections officials.

Beyond sickening. By failing to mention the Nazi groups behind this, the Times makes it look like this is really a grass roots phenomenon, as though regular citizens of all walks of life are the cause of this–thereby bestowing unearned legitimacy on the antagonists. When the NYT can’t possibly both-sides a story, they just passive voice the meaning right out of it. Do they not realize if these freaks do wreck the republic and get their way, NYT ‘journalists’ will be first against the wall? Wonder how they’ll report on that? NYT, providing aid and comfort for NAZIs since the 1930s!

White-nationalist bigots KNOW.

They know that with education and truthful information, they cannot survive.

Yet another target for the deplorables to destroy, along with public education, the post office, civil discourse, political norms, you name it.

Democracy doesn’t survive without liberal public education. Totalitarians always go after the books and the schools to eliminate opposing points of view.

Fascism is now in its legal phase.

Not too many more steps before those who are trusted and capable of defending democracy, and defeating fascism, disappear to.

It’s Round 2 (or more, depending on where you start.) Like Jim and Ginny Maziarka trying to have “gay affirming” books removed from the “young adult” section of the Library in West Bend, WI back in 2009.

A lot of it is nothing more than some religious people trying to place the burdens of their own faith on others by controlling what they can access. Some of it is a lot more sinister.


4 thoughts on “Librarians Are Quitting Due To Threats By Cultists

  1. And here I was, thinking about how I was going to reorganize my own library… bloody hell. I’m sure I have dozens of freaking banned books on my shelves, but I don’t give a damn. I’m gonna keep those suckers close and nobody’s taking them from me. I’m kinda glad I didn’t go the librarian route when I thought about careers. This would break my heart too badly.

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    1. Hello TheChattyIntrovert. I love the idea of libraries in many states being online and open to children in regressive red states with all the books that those hateful Republican governors want to be banned. But red state haters have figured it out and now want those apps on school computers / tablets removed from these school given devices not just for their children but all children in the school system. I hate it, these repressive minority right wing thugs demand all the parental rights for themselves but deny it for the majority of parents that want their children to have access to these libraries and to more tolerant or accepting material. This is about a minority of people demanding the majority stop progressing tolerance and understanding to grant them the regressive society they want to live in. It is so sad these parents are demanding to take not only their children back to a regressive past while the modern world passes the US by but all the children, and the majority is letting them do it and set the rules for all our children. Hugs


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