Texas grid operator urges electricity conservation as heat wave drives up demand


Texas has hurt itself with a closed electrical grid that they refuse to add to the national grid.   If they did that they would have to follow federal rules for safety and reliability.  They would rather have a broken system that creates more profit than an electrical grid that supplies dependable energy to the people.   After the system failed for the second time and even more people died during the winter Governor Abbott promised to fix it, requiring expensive upgrades so people wouldn’t face this again.   But that did not happen, why?   Well after he got a huge campaign contributions of over a million dollars from the energy profit makers he forgot the entire thing.   I wonder why.  Profit over the needs of the people.    Hugs


The state’s grid operator asked that Texans voluntarily reduce their power use on Monday as the blistering heat continues, and said no rolling blackouts are expected this week.

Four reliability coordinators monitor the state power grid during a tour of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT…


teeveedub • an hour ago

Texas GOP: “We don’t have a reliable enough independent energy grid for you to run your appliances.”

Also Texas GOP: “We should secede!”

Randy503 teeveedub • 2 minutes ago

I would think it would be kinda tough to manufacture electric cars in a state that doesn’t provide enough electricity. But what do I know? I ain’t no billionaire genius.

La’Kietha Paula • 9 minutes ago

Beto wants to connect to the national power grid but that would come with some baggage like winterizing and updating

Sarah • an hour ago

They were right: everything really *is* bigger in Texas. This includes the shortsightedness of their government for not taking early steps to fix the issues with the power grid.

Girlgoon Sarah • an hour ago

They have a provider monopoly that is in good standing with the politicians along with congestion pricing of energy that inflates profits during such times. There isn’t much motivation to break the vicious cycle.

Gigi • 31 minutes ago

Texan Republicans have been working overtime dreaming up ways to penalize women who might want to have an abortion, but they still haven’t fixed the power grid that they’ve known is a problem for more than a decade.

Epic Collision Sam_Handwich • an hour ago

I guess he could be the poster child for a poor education.

Uncle Mark eats the rainbow The_Wretched • an hour ago

“Be mad at Jina. Focus your rage upon them, so y’all don’t see what a complete clueless, lying fuck-up I am.”

TnCTampa Sam_Handwich • an hour ago

How can the democrats be expected to compete with that. /s

Pizza Rat King • an hour ago

Come to Texas, low taxes, no rights, unreliable infrastructure, all the bullets you can eat!

agcons • an hour ago

Excellent idea. Abbott and Paxton can lead by example by turning off their refrigerators and freezers.

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