What the republicans think is a good candidate for the US senate. Dogs that love gravy save us all.

6 thoughts on “What the republicans think is a good candidate for the US senate. Dogs that love gravy save us all.

    1. Hello Jeff. I have missed seeing your comments and I was worried about you my friend. Yes he is an idiot, but he is what is called a useful idiot. Think of what his own staff has said openly about him that they cannot even let him talk to Fox because he is so stupid and makes no sense. What does that say about him? He is being used and doesn’t mind being used because it will make him money. He may not even realize he is a stooge because of how the people with money are using him because of how dumb he seems to be. They wouldn’t let him debate his primary opponents and yet the voters still gave him a pass. Why? Why when every opponent wanted to debate him did his team get to say no because we are appointed by tRump? This is a very scary time in our democracy. Hugs


    1. Hello Ten Bears. I disagree. It fits the pattern of the Republican right wing. You can go back to the billionaire funded tea party and follow it down to the jerks like Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Lauren Boebert, Marge Greene, and others. These people are not interested in governing, nor in how to best serve their voters, but in how to be media trolls and how to get themselves in the media as much as possible. They don’t want to govern, they want fame, they want to be adored. Sad that these people are making the laws we all have to live under. Hugs


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