Anti-Gay Christian Radio Host Accused Of Gay Affairs


The Daily Beast reports:

In the hyper-masculine right-wing internet community known as the “manosphere,” few figures loom larger than Jesse Lee Peterson. The Los Angeles-based pastor and online radio host has become a star in conservative media in part for his demands that men and women return to his unorthodox version of traditional gender norms.

Peterson has also emerged as one of the right’s most vocal anti-gay figures. He’s claimed that people who march in gay pride parades are the children of Satan, and that “radical homosexuals are evil.”

Now several of Peterson’s one-time friends allege that the pastor’s own personal life is rife with gay sexual relationships. Two of Peter’s former male associates came out in June with on-the-record interviews saying they engaged in sexual activities with him, while other men say he propositioned them.

Read the full article.

As longtime JMG readers will recall, I’ve reported on Peterson’s often bizarre anti-gay statements dozens of times over the last decade.

He last appeared on JMG last August when he sponsored a second annual California “Straight Pride” event which ended in violence by the Proud Boys.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Jesse Lee Peterson says depression is caused by sinning. Peterson says all Asians look alike to him. Peterson says “weak straight people” have allowed “radical homosexuals” to seize the terms husband and wife. Peterson says men should not marry “educated women” as women should be cooking and cleaning, not seeking degrees. Peterson calls for sending Andrew Yang back to China. Peterson says Brett Kavanaugh isn’t a real man because his kids are all girls and “real men make boys first.” Peterson says Roy Moore’s Senate loss proves that black Democrats don’t believe in God. Peterson says that women who accuse Trump of sexual assault are “literally Satan’s daughters.” Peterson declares discrimination by businesses to be a “good thing.” Peterson calls for boycotting the NFL over openly gay player Michael Sam.

4 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Christian Radio Host Accused Of Gay Affairs

    1. Hello Ten Bears. I know it is wrong to judge, and I know there is someone for everyone, but the idea of this man hitting on me grosses me out. I have heard clips of him talking, heard his thoughts on gays and anyone not as hateful as him. He is ugly inside. Wow. Yet what is funny is even with his well-known same sex dalliances which have been known for years and his being black he still thinks he is running with the in crowd. He thinks they accept him as one of them. He is wrong. They will purge him as soon as they get the power to do so. Hugs


    1. Hello Roger. I know you’re correct, but damn how blatant do they have to be before their own people don’t believe them anymore. In his case it has to be a grift. No way that for a decade the well-known stories have been coming out, yet he keeps preaching an anti- gay anti-same sex activity and his followers believe him. Hug


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