Republican Liz Cheney HUMILIATES Trump by comparing him to a child

During Tuesday’s January 6 hearing, Liz Cheney clapped back at Trump’s attempts to blame others for the events of January 6: “Donald Trump is a 76-year-old man. He is not an impressionable child.” Ouch! Francis Maxwell reports.

7 thoughts on “Republican Liz Cheney HUMILIATES Trump by comparing him to a child

    1. Hello Ali. Yes. I keep reading how tRump is glued to the hearings and just fumes over the way they keep showing the truth about him. So he calls a bunch of people trying to get them to go on the hearings as if it was just something they could call up and get on and show him in a good light. He is so dumb. Hugs

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  1. Scottie, seeing a 76 year old person throw a hissy-fit is not inspiring. It is akin to a toddler throwing himself on the floor and throwing a tantrum. “Mommy, I didn’t lose. They stole it from me. I won by a long shot. Their being mean to me. They just don’t like me.” Mom rolls her eyes and says, “Donald, go to your room.” Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. I love it. Yes that sounds just like the way he acts. My understanding is Donald tRump never had rules in his life he was forced to obey, no one was allowed to tell him no except his father. Even after he slugged a teacher he got away with it, no repercussions. He was sent to a “military school” where his father’s wealth meant he did not really have to follow the rules and was said to be a stupid bully who once tried to kill a fellow classmate who angered him. I know for a fact that when Ron was a butler at Mar-a-Largo no one was allowed to contradict or correct tRump. If he said something was, then it was. If he said it was raining even as no rain was falling, then it was raining out. He acted like he was an expert on everything so got screwed constantly on stuff he thought valuable that was not and demanding really valuable stuff be gotten rid of. He often threw things when angry often resulting in damage to the property. Again the staff fixed it after he stormed off and he never faced a consequence for his actions. So now to be faced with having consequences he cannot just ignore it is killing him. Hugs


      1. Scottie, people need to know that this is how this person routinely acts. He does it on small and big things. Queen of Hearts is an apt metaphor for this male person. I avoid using the word man, as a man (or woman for that matter) is supposed to be accountable and responsible. Keith

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