Man Threatens To MURDER Landscaper For Partially Blocking His Driveway

A Florida man pulled a gun on a black landscaper who was working on a neighbor’s property and allegedly blocked the man’s driveway with his truck, even though he had already moved his truck and apologized. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks.

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“A Florida man could be facing charges of aggrevated assault with a firearm after pulling an assault rifle on a Black man who partially blocked his driveway with a trailer ramp in the town of Clearwater.

David Berry, 44, walked down his driveway with rifle in hand screaming at Jeremy Lee, 46, for blocking his driveway. Mr Lee’s daugther, Carrie, began filming the incident – which appeared to further enrage Mr Berry.

“This is my property!” Mr Berry can be heard yelling at Mr Lee at the beginning of the video. “You’re not allowed to block my driveway! Don’t be a prick!””

7 thoughts on “Man Threatens To MURDER Landscaper For Partially Blocking His Driveway

  1. And just ONE MORE example of why a person needs to own a gun … RIGHT??? RIGHT??? To be able to go out and threaten someone because they are doing something you don’t like (even though the person had already moved the trailer)!

    As the police chief said: “If you have a problem with someone partially blocking the driveway, you call the police. You don’t grab a gun like some vigilante.”

    Oh, but why not? Isn’t it much more effective to grab your gun and show what a dangerous person you are?

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    1. Hello Nan. Cenk Uygur on TYT often says that people who buy these guns cannot wait to use them. They desire any excuse to bring it out and wave it around. They think the sight of them with it makes them look cool, tough, macho. In their minds it sends the message I am in charge; I am the alpha, and you will respect my demands of you. That was the mindset of Rittenhouse carrying the gun he felt gave him the authority to shout orders at complete strangers in a town he did not live in and some of them did.

      The man clearly was a racist, he did not even respect the girl was a minor. Yes he unleashed all that against a minor, really shows the master race. But the girl was black, like her father. They were lesser, they were powerless in that man’s head and so must cower in the face of his anger.

      As to the anger, he sure had anger issues didn’t he. Half a blocked driveway that the guy was willing to move his trailer, shit seems like something to have a melt down over. Yet with clear and present issues and a criminal record he was allowed to have a weapon of war. Really smart right? Hugs

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    1. Hello Roger. The man with the gun clearly had anger issues, had a criminal record and was an open racist along with being unable to contain himself when addressing the minor girl. Yet he has a weapon of war, a weapon that has no other use than killing, mostly humans. Yes I think it should be one of the most suspect things signifying a mental health issue. Best wishes. Hugs

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        1. Hello Roger. Far too many people elected in office think their main job is staying in that office at all costs, not being a leader, not helping the public, not representing their voters, not helping run the government, but simply keeping themselves in the office to enjoy the power and financial gain it brings. That is one reason they stay in these offices long after the time they are useful and should have retired. Hugs

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