TODAY: House To Vote On Codifying Abortion Rights

The comments and memes at the end of the article I thought were more informative than the article.   Hugs

The Associated Press reports:

The House on Friday is expected to vote on two bills that would restore and guarantee abortion access nationwide as Democrats make their first attempt at responding legislatively to the Supreme Court’s landmark decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

The legislation stands almost no chance of becoming law, with the necessary support lacking in the 50-50 Senate. Yet voting marks the beginning of a new era in the abortion debate as lawmakers, governors and legislatures grapple with the impact of the court’s decision.

Read the full article.


Gustav2 • 34 minutes ago • edited

The MSM needs to stop using the phrase, “divided country”

Polls show we are not that divided, a minority is calling the shots and should be voted out.

Makoto Boreal • 27 minutes ago

That reminds me, when I had testicular cancer, they used beta-hCG blood test to see how bad it was. As in, the same test they use to test for pregnancy. I got a lot of funny looks from each new lab tech running up my test list… and now I’d probably get some disingenuous questions from folks like Hawley if I ever testified in Congress.

Ninja0980 Boreal • 38 minutes ago

In their minds, if women didn’t have unprotected sex with people who aren’t their husbands, wouldn’t be an issue.

Karl Dubhe IV Ninja0980 • 32 minutes ago

Every pregnancy is a Disney pregnancy in their world. Until reality kills their wife or daughter.

Ninja0980 • 41 minutes ago

Will the no votes matter in red districts?
Nope but it will in purple/blue ones.
Make these fuckers, especially the ones in Senate races be on the record on whether they think child rape victims should be forced to give birth or if women should be jailed if they cross state lines for abortion.
That will gift us/protect a couple of Senate seats and allow us to keep control of that chamber, which matters far more then the House does.

Longpole Boreal • 15 minutes ago

Better stay covered up.


Boreal • 44 minutes ago

Republican opposition and comments on the passage of this bill should be campaign ads in their districts.

Bambino🇺🇦🌻 • an hour ago • edited

Just amplify the GQP who voted against this until midterm. “These lawmakers will make your underage daughters carry the rapist child to full term. You as parents cannot do anything about it.”

2 thoughts on “TODAY: House To Vote On Codifying Abortion Rights

  1. Yeah, now, we brace our selves, for the FALL of, democracy, and soon, it’ll be you men, but first, the colored men, then, white men, in that order, see what the Federal government takes away from all of us next!!!

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    1. Hello taurusingemini. Yes you are correct. Look at the vice police used by the Iranian government and the Taliban. Yes they are harshest with women but any man not acting or looking as they demand or not abusing their women properly will be attacked by them and punished as well. They couldn’t create enough fear to rule in the name of their religion if they just attacked the women, the men need to be afraid also. That is the country the fundamental Christian fascists want here. Hugs


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