Texas hospitals fearing abortion law delay pregnant women’s care, medical association says


This is the point.   This is why the AG in Idaho Indiana where that 10 year old child fled to get her needed abortion care is attacking the doctor who treated her.   Make every doctor too scared of losing everything to help a dying woman.   How is this fucken pro-life?   Can we admit now it is all about controlling the pregnant person!   This is about denying equality and body autonomy to a class of people that the males think they should have control over.    I am sick of the contradictions in laws and their statement of being “pro-life” while actively undermining that life.  Time to call things what they are.   Time to strip the veneer off what these people really want, complete control over people with a uterus.  It is about a dual system of who can have sex and enjoy sexual pleasure.    it is totally about making women a incubator for a man’s issue / future offspring.   Prove me wrong if you can!  Hugs

Doctors are being prohibited from treating patients with complications, the Texas Medical Association alleges.


AUSTIN — The Texas Medical Association wants regulators to step in after hospitals reportedly refused to treat patients with serious pregnancy complications for fear of violating the state’s abortion ban.

In a letter sent Wednesday to the Texas Medical Board, the association said it received complaints that hospitals, their administrators and their lawyers may be prohibiting physicians from providing medically appropriate care to women with ectopic pregnancies and other complications.

It asks the board to “swiftly act to prevent any wrongful intrusion into the practice of medicine.”

The letter from the state’s most prominent physicians group offers an early sign of how restrictive abortion laws have hindered medical care for pregnant Texans.


ban on abortions is set to take effect in the coming weeks, triggered by the U.S. Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe vs. Wade. Doctors who run afoul of the restrictions can face six-figure fines and lengthy jail sentences.

Since last September, Texas physicians have already had to contend with a law known as Senate Bill 8 that empowers citizens to sue anyone who “aids or abets” in an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.


While there’s a narrow exception in both laws to save the life of a pregnant patient, there’s been confusion about who qualifies.

Fearing litigation, some providers have delayed abortions until patients’ conditions became life-threatening, according to a paper authored by Texas-based researchers and published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The association, which declined to comment, does not identify any hospital by name in the letter, but it cites several examples.

One in Central Texas allegedly told a physician not to treat an ectopic pregnancy until it ruptured, which puts patient health at serious risk, according to the letter. An ectopic pregnancy, when a fertilized egg attaches outside of the uterus, is not viable.

“Delayed or prevented care in this scenario creates a substantial risk for the patient’s future reproductive ability and poses serious risk to the patient’s immediate physical wellbeing,” the letter said.


Two other hospitals may be directing doctors to send pregnant patients home to “expel the fetus” when their water breaks too early, instead of treating them at the hospital, the letter said.

In those situations, physicians have said that patients are at risk of infection.

The alleged interference not only puts patients at risk of serious injury, the letter said, but also could expose doctors to lawsuits or threaten their medical licenses. It may violate Texas’ prohibition on the corporate practice of medicine, which the board has the power to enforce, the letter said.

The Texas Medical Board confirmed it received the association’s letter, but a spokesperson said the board “cannot confirm or deny any specific complaint as they are considered confidential under statute.”

On Thursday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced a lawsuit against the federal government after the Biden administration said federal rules require hospitals to provide abortions if the procedure is necessary to save a mother’s life. The lawsuit says that the guidance is unlawful and that the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act does not cover abortions.


Ectopic pregnancies are a condition where you either terminate the pregnancy, or the pregnant person dies.

There’s no other result. Abbott and Paxton are disgusting, sick corrupt fucks who are endangering lives for personal gain.


These are the guys that think an ectopic pregnancy can be reimplanted. Like transferring a tomato plant


Yep. It ends up a choice for the doctor to save a patient, lose their license, get charged with murder, and get sued into the poor house. Or let woman die. The rethuglicunts will have to look over their shoulders when one of these guys wives dies.

Ma’am…you are at 6 weeks and two days. You’ll need to hang tight and suffer until you’re almost dead, and then we can take care of you medically.

Is that basically what’s happening?


Not basically. Exactly. That’s exactly what’s happening. Death must be imminent not something a few weeks away but unavoidable without intervention. And even those stories down here are being downplayed so they still think of it as liberal propaganda.

Texas Gov Abbott killed hundred through incompetence, death by freezing when his lack of leadership, his lack of planning, his inaction, made public power fail in the winter.
Now, he wants to continue his aim to kill more people in Texas.
Make it difficult to treat women.
Kill women through ignorance, greed, bigotry.
More dying this summer from continued lack of fixing the broken Texas public power grid – Abbott has done nothing for that. Nothing. Let the people die.


I’m thinking that they’re heading into cult territory. Shared suffering brings people close and since they already think their problems are caused by everyone but their dear leaders this may be what the GOP in Texas really wants.

I wonder how many MAGA women with non-viable conditions like ectopic pregnancy or hydatidiform pregnancy are willing to die for this law? They think that the only effect will be on slutty liberal women who are too poor or isolated to cross a state border.


They will think of themselves as the exception and continue to be “pro-life.” I know too many o them. When they see the story of the 10 year old rape victim they see that she should be able to get an abortion but that doesn’t lead them to think that the entire law is wrong. They are too brainwashed to make such logical connections.


back in 2007 the Atlantic ran an article called ‘The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion’. It covered the fact that many women against abortion do have abortions and are able to fritter away the moral hypocrisy as they see it as a moral choice for themselves.


White supremacists, who are numerous in Texas, should worry that more and more non-white babies are born due to Republican efforts.
Whites are a shrinking minority now.
Many factors contribute.
Pollution from fracking chemicals is causing infertility in men who are constantly exposed to pollution, and white men are exposed more since they are in the fracking business, so white replacement is happening, faster and faster due to Republicans.


White supremacists seem to always be the shining examples of white stupidity. Their grasp of basic logic is famously weak. none of these idiotic laws will change the genetic composition of the human race in this country or anywhere else.


Taking an example from dog breeding in particular, veterinary studies have concluded that purebreds may have [not necessarily always have] more issues due to having had some traits reinforced by breeding. If that is true, then mongrelization of the population should improve the species simply by diluting bad genes [bad genes, being recessive, naturally reduce viability over time, hopefully before propagation]. Thus white supremacists may be a dying breed or subset, especially since intermarriage with non-whites is increasing and may be improving the population by admixture of new genes.

5 thoughts on “Texas hospitals fearing abortion law delay pregnant women’s care, medical association says

  1. -NOT- Idaho … Indiana.

    Idaho is HEAVY Republican … which is why I (and others) were so concerned that our county would agree to being “absorbed” into the state. I think I already told you that voters said “NO!” … thank goodness!!

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    1. Hello Nan. Thank you. Not sure why I had Idaho stuck in my mind. I drew a line through it and put the right state in. As for Idaho absorbing parts of states around them, my thoughts are these are the same people that thump their chests yelling about their love for the constitution. Yet they would destroy that constitution to enact / enforce the state they want to create. I do not understand, I really don’t. Hugs

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  2. And that, is what the U.S. gets, for having all conservatives across the, benches of the SCOTUS, we women are, no longer in control of our, bodies, we don’t have rights over our reproductive tendencies, and, on top of that, we all risk, dying, because there’s now this ban on abortions, even over the, justified reasons of, harming our, lives.

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    1. Hello taurusingemini. There is no justification for what is being done to women in the US right now except religion and political desire to control the lives / bodies of a segment of the public. It is unacceptable that there are still people who believe one set of adult humans has the right to tell other adult humans what they can do with their bodies and deny them accepted medical treatment. Women are not slaves and shouldn’t be treated like livestock when they are pregnant. I just don’t know how to fix this and women will die over it. Hugs

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