Thylacine: Australia’s Lost Tiger

Hell in switching computer I not only once but twice started typing which may have led to the loss of comments on the blog.  Sorry if you think this happened to you please comment agin.  It happens so fast when that happens I can not catch it.   Sorry.   It almost made me sorry I wanted to post this.   Hugs

Is the Tasmanian Tiger still out there? | Check out Basepaws at and use our promo code ANIMALOGIC30 to get $30 off your first order. You’ll be helping out the show and getting incredible information about your cat’s health, breed type, and even their dental score!

5 thoughts on “Thylacine: Australia’s Lost Tiger

    1. Hello Ten Bears. I love it. Cats are famous for thinking they are much more than they are. They seem to have no clue of their real size or that they have to follow the laws of gravity. My cats think the house belongs to them and we are staff, well treated staff that they occasionally give purrs and hugs too, but still staff whose job is to serve them. Hugs


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