GOP Rep Says Pharmacists Should Have The Right To Refuse To Fill Prescriptions For Abortion Pills [VIDEO]

No one has the idea of doing the job you are hired to do, and if you don’t want to do it then don’t take the job.   Taking the job and then saying I wont do this or I don’t do that is stupid to me.    Plus none of these people understand professional standards or requirements it seems.   They all seem to just want the right to force their will on others and get paid for it.   I don’t like spinach but I don’t insist the grocery store stop selling it.    Hugs

“Some of these medications are used for legitimate reasons, there’s no question of about that. People are still going to be able to get those medications.

“They’re still going to be able to get their arthritis medication if it’s being used for arthritis. They are still going to be able to get the medications that are written and prescribed for them if it’s to be used for that purpose.

“A pharmacist should have the right to deny filling a prescription if they know it’s going to be used for an abortion and if they morally object to that.” – GOP Rep. Buddy Carter, speaking to hate group leader Tony Perkins.

Carter last appeared on JMG in 2017 when he raged about the Senate blocking a move to repeal Obamacare, saying, “Somebody needs to go over there into that Senate and snatch a knot in their ass.” To which everyone else said, “What does that even mean?”


Dreaming Vertebrate • 37 minutes ago

Sorry, but if you can’t fill people’s medical prescriptions, promptly and courteously, you should be FIRED!

clay Dreaming Vertebrate • 33 minutes ago

(and license removed)

Boreal Dreaming Vertebrate • 32 minutes ago

And banned from being a pharmacist anywhere else.

clay • 36 minutes ago

The person who knows the purpose of the medication is the one writing the prescription, not the one filling it. He’s lying about what the pharmacist “knows” and is empowering their prejudices and suspicions.

ChrisMorley • 36 minutes ago

In Britain pharmacists who refuse to dispense prescriptions lose their license to work.

Women can also get over the counter abortion pills without a doctor’s prescription.

Elagabalus • 41 minutes ago

They’re coming for the straights now and all hell will (finally) break loose. And just wait until they ban condoms and birth control pills. That’s when the shit really hits the fan.

Ragnar Lothbrok • 20 minutes ago

The job description is to dispense medicine to customers.
Unless you don’t wanna?

Uncle Mark eats the rainbow • 35 minutes ago

Cool…cool. I look forward to the Islamic, Mormon or S Baptist cashier refusing to ring up alcohol for customers next.

SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad • 43 minutes ago

People will still be able to get arthritis medication? OMG, that’s outrageous. Obviously if god gave someone arthritis, it is his will, just like a raped 10 year old. I’m sure any decent god-fearing Christian pharmacist will refuse to dispense arthritis (or ANY medication) based on sincerely held religious principals.

They can just stand behind the pharmacy counter at CVS reading their bible and refusing to wait on 100% of customer.

weshlovrcm • 21 minutes ago • edited

Once again, someone’s perverted version of “religious beliefs’ Is permitted to control your life. The result is my religious beliefs and/or yours and or those who do not believe, do not matter. That’s not called “religious freedom,” it’s called religious bigorty.

2 thoughts on “GOP Rep Says Pharmacists Should Have The Right To Refuse To Fill Prescriptions For Abortion Pills [VIDEO]

  1. HA! That comment about the pharmacist sitting behind the counter reading a bible was a winner!

    This whole “religious thing” is getting so totally out-of-hand! Next thing you know the stores will have to be divided with a area for the religious and an area for the non-religious.

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    1. Hello Nan. They totally want to take the country to a place where one religion and its adherents have rights that the rest of the population don’t have, and they can use that right to force their views on everyone. It will be assumed in their world that if they are offended by something they have the right to stop it or refuse to grant service to the person requesting it. Seems they feel that way now. If their sincerely held beliefs say men shouldn’t wear pink, then they will have a right to refuse to serve in any way that man wearing pink. You and I along with most people agree it is getting out of hand, but it is what the religious right, the fundamentalist / extreme religious have wanted for decades. The SCOTUS is just creating the theocratic world their religious views want created, that they want their world to be. The fact they are doing this in a secular country is stunning. Hugs

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