Remote work leads to slower wage growth for workers, study finds

New Your mayor Adams is desperate to get workers back into the many over priced office buildings the city has, as are a lot of cities.   Companies are realizing if their employees can do everything from home why have big offices and and rent a lot of space to use.   From every economic measure working from home whenever possible makes the most sense for the world, for the workers, and for the companies.   But conservatives are torn.   They hate that it lowers workers costs and gives them more time off because they don’t have travel and other costs, but it also means that businesses save money so that is more profit, but against that is some companies that rent out building space are losing money … oh a dilemma.    The fact that all that traffic taken off the roads is great for the planet is something they don’t even think of.   Hugs

2 thoughts on “Remote work leads to slower wage growth for workers, study finds

  1. We were talking about this sort of thing as far back as 1990, how as when the technology reaches a point where workers won’t need an office it will become a tool of management to suppress labor’s wages. Can spy on, crack the whip, as readily as in a factory.

    Capitalism baby! The Invisible Hand of the Market, too bad about all those cities’ over-priced real estate.

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