Scientists detect “”strange”” radio signal in distant galaxy which sounds like a heartbeat

Astronomers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have discovered a “strange and persistent” radio signal from a far-off galaxy, billions of light-years from Earth, that sounded like a heartbeat.

15 thoughts on “Scientists detect “”strange”” radio signal in distant galaxy which sounds like a heartbeat

  1. My boundless (I wish!) human imagination says it’s another living entity signaling their existence to others. This is in keeping with this is probably excatly what we’d do (-send out a heartbeat signal to the universe that we’re here).

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    1. Hello Claude. All my life I have been a fan of the different Star Trek shows and other sci-fi shows that showed a positive diverse universe with many life forms. I would love it if before I die, we find another intelligent life form or more than one out in the great universe. We know that there is life elsewhere in micro form, why not think it is there in advanced forms? Best wishes. Hugs

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    1. Hello Ali. Despite my best effort I couldn’t find anywhere to view the episode. It sounds really interesting and scary as a lot of people in that time frame thought that any alien contact was scary and harmful to the Earth. If you can find an online stream of it, I would love to see it. Hugs

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            1. Hello Nan. I think Ron would love it but I don’t want half the streaming services we have now. Let’s see if I can think of them all. Netflix, HBOMax, Hulu, YouTube Premium, Vikki, Amazon Prime, Apple Plus, and Crunchyroll to name the main ones. For me watching news on YouTube and the new stations online, so most of the time I rarely get to watch the others but I keep promising myself to back off the news some. Hugs


              1. You have ALL of these? The PAID versions? Sheesh! We mostly watch movies so all we PAY for is Netflix and Amazon Prime (which, as you know, incudes many other benefits). I looked into Apple Plus but wasn’t impressed by the movies it offered. And the others you mentioned? Pfftt.

                Are you getting these through your satellite/cable provider? We have access to all of them –plus MANY others– through Roku

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                1. Hello Nan. No cable, we only use the internet service from Comcast but not their cable TV. Yes all the paid versions. And trust me Ron uses them all. Like I said I spend too much time watching news clips to really enjoy the movies and TV shows these services offer. We pay about $135 for highspeed unlimited data internet that powers all we do. Remember not only is it my two computers, my TV, my 2 X-boxes, my laptop, My apple box, Ron’s two laptops, Ron’s TV, Ron’s apple box, our bedroom TV and apple box, James’s Tv, James’s Apple box, James’s computer, then all our phones and pads. We use the shit out of internet. Hugs


                2. Wow.

                  I didn’t mention that we also have Dish satellite. I want very much to discontinue it because, essentially, nearly everything we watch is via the various (mostly) free streaming services. However, my other-half is heavy into car racing (NASCAR, Indy, etc.) and some of the races are ONLY available via satellite. It’s frustrating because the monthly Dish bill is $140, plus what we pay for internet access ($75) and the two streaming services I mentioned.

                  I guess we all have our crosses to bear … sigh

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                3. Hello Nan. Ron and I paid bills this morning. The $135 is the price we pay for the basic internet, extra speed, and unlimited data because we use so much in the household as we go over the 1200 meg limit every month. With the taxes and fees that Comcast adds on our actual bill it comes to just under $157 a month. On our power bill we got hit with an alternative fuel charge of 90 dollars because it is so hot that they have to buy more power, but they must never lose profits. We are lucky, Ron’s friends are complaining they got hit with extra costs from $110 to $170 dollars.

                  I understand how you feel. I look over the bills and I wonder how Ron has time to watch so many streaming services? But he has a short attention span so often he never watches a full show, he watches a bit, goes to a different one, and sometime later goes back to watch more of those he never finished. Like you say it is a cross to bear, but I don’t mind he does so much in the house and some days he doesn’t feel well, so if he wants to watch these shows more power to him. I have gotten him more like me, as the living room / kitchen is a very large one room he watches his shows while doing kichen stuff. The only problem is there is currently a fight going on between him and Odie over who has the rights to use and control the big blue recliner in the center of the room facing the TV. Ron claims it is his, and Odie disputes that. Ron won’t move Odie but will complain about it. Odie will move for me if I pull his smaller chair over to the recliner and coax him, which upsets Ron because Odie won’t do that for him. But I think most of the time Odie only wants the chair to keep Ron out of it. Kids. Hugs

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