British Air Force Halts Flights Due To “Melted” Runway

But Republican Jim Inhofe brought a snowball on to the senate floor to show that global warming was not real.   Hugs

Britain’s The Metro reports:

All British troops are believed to have been effectively grounded after military officials said the runway at the country’s largest air base ‘melted’. The RAF has halted all flights in or out of Brize Norton in Oxfordshire on Monday, according to sources cited by Sky News.

The base is the sole point of air embarkation for the UK’s military forces, with transport aircraft relying on the runway to to be able to ferry troops at any time of day or night 365 days a year. A similar incident later shut down Luton Airport after temperatures soared past 40C in parts of the country.

Read the full article.


4 thoughts on “British Air Force Halts Flights Due To “Melted” Runway

  1. That’s right Scottie; the UK has broken the big 40C / 100F barrier. Highest on recorded records.
    We’re on a semi-lockdown, warned to stay indoors and keep cool(ish). Being a little island set in the Atlantic humidity is the big issue, which makes the heat worse.
    The heat Sheila and I can, bear (sort of). It’s the inane posts on social media from folk who can’t differentiate between ordinary summer temps 25C / 75F and what we are facing now.

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    1. Hello Roger. Please you and your family stay safe as much as possible. Something that is hard to get people to understand is that too high temps is deadly for humans, for people. Also the animals and the plants / animals of our planet. We have a tropical plant in the ground on the side of our home that has plenty of water but is dying due to the over high temperatures it cannot handle. On a sad note, I seen a headline today that said you are headed for temps above 107 today. I dearly hope you will be OK. Hugs

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      1. Thanks for your kind thoughts Scottie.
        At 10;42 BST 20th July, the temperatures have started to drop and in our little part of the UK there was a brief shower of rain.
        Sadly in some parts of the UK there were houses destroyed by wildfires; the figures at present seem to be in single numbers, but over all the UK it is possible that in the low hundreds folk were obliged to evacuate their homes.

        Sheila and I are OK. We followed advice, hunkered down in the afternoon and early evening, thanks.
        And this is nothing compared to what is happening on the mainland Europe

        Sorry about your poor plant. Your guys take care.

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