18 thoughts on “Christofascists Want to Overthrow U.S. Democracy to Install a Theocracy

  1. As usual, I didn’t listen to the entire video …

    Having said that, his comment at the beginning related to “Christianity” becoming the law of the land brought to my mind –once again– the “difficulty” of that ever happening. There are a zillion different interpretations of Christianity. Every church you drive by has a different perspective of who Jesus was, what he REALLY meant, and how he wants his followers to live. They also have innumerable interpretations of what PAUL (the founder of Christianity) wrote. But of course, THEIR way of looking at things is correct.

    So when these IDIOTS start talking about wanting to make Christianity the “law of the land,” they have NO CLUE what they’re up against.

    But it does makes for good theater. 😈

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    1. Nan? Good theater?

      It just happened that I watched a documentary on Curiosity last night titled Europe. It traced the history of governments and religions in forming what we now know as Europe. In every age, religion and government have allied to rule over the people. To say that every Christian denomination can’t come under the control of fascism is to ignore what is going on with our government today. The Supreme Court is busy deconstructing the administrative state. Whether or not they are successful in establishing a Theocracy does not mitigate the damage they are doing to our Republic at this moment.

      That good theater is driving us into a state of anarchy.

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      1. Oh I definitely agree about the damage that’s being done. And yes … it most definitely could come to the point that the U.S. Government/Supreme Court endorses and legislates “Christianity” as the Religion of the State.

        But my point is that the sheer number of interpretations and denominations within “the faith” is going to create more problems than these religious-fascists realize. There’s no doubt they can require certain religious acts/functions to be part of Government activities … but that doesn’t mean every person in every church is going to adhere to the “standard” religion as defined by the Court.

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        1. Nan, the things you point out are the very things that establish the fallacy of religion. 33,000 denominations, all describing themselves as Christians, but as you say, few of them with the same creed. But most all Christian denominations belong to an organization to which they give financial support and allegiance. Money and power flow up from the peasants to the pastors. Those pew warmers seldom give a thought to their church’s affiliation. They are like the proverbial frog in the water pot.

          No. Everyone will not be deceived, thankfully. But, there is something about the idea of inquisitions that encourages quietness in the flock. I remember the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia all having Islam as their national religion. I believe there are good Muslims and good Christians, but if either of them questions their leaders’ authority or knowledge, they will face retribution.

          Who will come to their rescue?

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          1. Hello Nan & Cagjr. I agree with both of you and see your points. The only thing I will add is the one thing all “Christian” religions have is Jesus. In every instance where I read that an organization is demanding people affirm or swear on their belief it is in Jesus is the son of god. Like Ken Ham’s creation museum and his other things, workers have to swear they believe in Jesus. Yes after that different sects may start to argue with each other, but at first I think they all will band together behind that idea first against the rest of us. Hugs

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    2. G’ma used to say if all those people are right and everyone else is going to Hell Heaven will be a lonely place. I agree you’ll never get these animals to agree; short of The Church, the Catholic church, who’ve only been trying to rule the world for a thousand years now, there’s just no organizational infrastructure. But I also think you might be missing the generations-long decline in religious adherence: over twenty-five percent of the human population reject religion outright, while the Abrahamics are less than a third of the world population.

      They’re a thing of the past, they just don’t know it yet …

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      1. Hello Ten Bears. I have often read people say that they would rather go to hell than heaven because all their friends would be in hell, and it sounded like a much better time. I think about what I have been told is going on in heaven and who will be going to hell and heaven sounds so boring and horrible while hell has all the people that knew how to party. Hugs


  2. That, my friend, was the scariest thing I have seen in a long time. These people are … are … lunatics, freaks! And dangerous. If people like that eventually run this nation, then I will either leave or kill myself … it’s that simple. Hugs

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    1. When I was trying to be a Christian, nothing in our worship services was identifiable with these people except the banner of Christ or the Trinity, etc. I was a Baptist, and I will have to say we were docile sheep. We didn’t think very highly of Catholicism, Islam, or Jews, and we were adamantly against evolution. But to replace democracy with theocracy, we never heard of that.

      I think I understand what Nan means by the apparent impossibility of not being able to bring all the church to heel behind this Christian Nationalist Evangelical Republican political enterprise. There are about two billion Christians in the world.

      But I remember one little snippet of audio from the 1/6 insurrection: “When do we get to start shooting people? Where are the (our?) guns?” Some of those people were aware of the weapons cached in Virginia.

      When did the National Guard or the Marines show up to put down the insurrection? Why didn’t they come? Does anyone recall seeing evidence of Christians in that crowd? Does anyone not understand why we cannot outlaw military-style assault weapons?

      Putin has the blessing of the Russian Orthodox Church. Ukraine is mainly Eastern Orthodox. All Christians. Christians have declared Trump to be “God’s chosen” man for ‘this hour.’ But it doesn’t have to be him. They will name whoever is willing to be their patsy.

      When people explain that our only rights are those given by their God, then we should understand our rights and freedoms are limited to what they want us to have. All indications are that they want us all to be subservient to the Christian leaders, in agreement with the political leaders, with all the rights of slaves.

      I didn’t use to care what the church did. I didn’t think much about being an atheist. I just knew I didn’t want to be a Christian. Now I am very much concerned about what the church represents. I’m pissed. Scared may come after 11/8.

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      1. Hello Cagjr. Wow! Dude you just said so much truth I don’t know how to respond. Really, every time I reread your comment the more I find things I agree with and think are correct. One thing I love about having a blog is that occasionally someone writes a comment that is stunning in how much correct information it holds. You have done that. Thank you. One thing you wrote was “They will name whoever is willing to be their patsy.” That is so true, and something I did not realize about these religious leaders championing the takeover of the USA. I always thought they would demand that the people they claim to follow, or uplift would be as religious as they are. I was wrong, look how they clung to tRump! But you really are correct they will use any political leader they can get hooks into that will let them install their per people into office. Hugs

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  3. I wonder if bitty-brain Boob-hurt wears a cross around her neck like an albatross er I mean “good christian“? Maybe on her finger as so many hypocritical er “abiding” Christofacists er, I mean “Christians” do daily for show er, I mean “affirmation of faith“?

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      1. Isn’t it absurd?! The height of tastelessness.
        Like, I loved my Gramps, worshipped the man and he died of cancer in ’81 but, never once was I temped to wear a 14k gold-plated pack of Lucky Strikes on my cuffs to honor the man.
        Similarly, I doubt the NRA 2023 school-shooting commemorative 925 AR-15 rifle earrings will be hot sellers among the Uvalde parents.

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  4. Religion, N.
    The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.
    I think the important term there is “controlling.” That is the basic purpose of all religions.

    A person can submit themselves to religion by their own will, or they can be made subject to it by force. The non-existent God does not care how you come to serve him, nor do the grifters who hide behind the notion of a “superhuman controlling power” to enslave you. They want you under their dominion, by hook or by crook.

    Proverbs 6:16-19:
    “There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.”

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    1. Hello Cagjr. Controlling. Yes that is an appropriate word. I have heard it described as a flow chart with a dictator god at the top, that god only talks to the leaders who tell the people what they have to do to please the dictator god. The leaders are also mini dictators because you cannot argue with them because they are the only ones speaking directly with the dictator god and they are getting his special knowledge, so whatever they say is the law. If they say god wants you to give them your money then god wants that, if god says you have to give them your body for their pleasure, then that is what god wants. The people have no say, no way to argue back because the leaders can go to god and tell him how bad you are. I think this is why religions hate democracy, because their church set up is a dictatorship. Hugs

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