6 thoughts on ““Pro-Lifers” Show Just How Delusional They Really Are

    1. Hello Nan. Do you mean led or fed? Both are correct. Nan the fact is I am unsure if the pandering politicians really believe in the anti-abortion nonsense or if they are just trying to get the religious vote? But the new radical extreme crop of republican trolls that are running for and elected to office I feel do believe the bullshit anti-abortion crap. Hugs

      OT. I just replied to The Chivalric Catholic on your blog. I know you do not like long drawn-out debates on your blog, do you mind if I follow up with this. If you want, I will drop my questioning and stop. Thanks. Hugs


      1. I just saw your reply. No, please don’t go into a long-winded dissertation. On this topic in particular, there is little that can be said to convince a pro-lifer. My personal feelings are that often a few well-thought-out remarks can often have more impact than a book-length comment. 😈

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          1. Hello Nan. That was always my intent. I prefer to save the long screeds for my own blog. But sometimes you have to use more words to make yourself clear. But I know you don’t like a lot of back and forth that is basically an argument on your blog. It is OK, there are others who can reply on this subject better than I can. I cannot find the post it was on, and I am so far behind on my comment replies I lost his reply anyway. Never mind. Hugs

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