5 thoughts on “BOMBSHELL news from Justice Department made public

    1. Hello Jill. Garland is both an institutionalist and he is very much step by step in how he does things. I read that the deputy said any investigation would continue even if someone announced their candidacy. But that supposes there is an investigation underway into tRump now which I doubt. I suspect there is against his henchmen, and even some members of the White House staff. But Garland is not the type to want to go after a former president it seems to much like something a banana republic does or something a dictator does when they take over. Hugs

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      1. Hmmmm … I wouldn’t be too sure. I think he will never go to prison, for he has the means to keep any conviction tied up in the courts until long past his demise (which comes soon, I hope). But I do think he is being investigated within the DOJ. There is no precedent, so I’m sure they are treading very cautiously, much to our frustration. Hugs

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        1. Hello Jill. You could be very correct. I listened to a press conference that Garland gave, and he said several times that no one was above the laws and got frustrated when he kept getting asked if that meant tRump. He said all he could say is no one was above the law. Does that mean they are investigating tRump? Or does it mean they are only going after his henchmen? I don’t know. Lawyers I listen to are divided. Some say Garland is hinting yes, and some say Garland is trying to keep the heat off as he restores dignity to the office of the DOJ. I will try to keep an open mind. Hugs

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          1. I don’t know either, but I fear that if he is not held accountable, we will be opening the door to more corruption than we have ever imagined, and by the end of this decade at the latest, we will have a dictator instead of a president. It isn’t even so much about Trump per se anymore, but about sending a message, setting a precedent. Hugs

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