Republicans pull HORRIFIC new stunt over abortion rights

No Lie podcast episode 114: Republicans enter the next frontier on their war on women beyond overturning Roe.

2 thoughts on “Republicans pull HORRIFIC new stunt over abortion rights

  1. He’s right, you know … !!

    Thing is, the Repukes are soooo good at getting THEIR views out to the people that many never hear the other side. People like you are important, Scottie. But we need a LOT more people making a LOT more noise.

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    1. Hello Nan. Thank you it is nice to be appreciated. What I try to do is offer the information in enough formats with enough styles so that everyone can get something out of some of the posts. As we already discussed I do not expect that everyone will want to watch every video, and clearly some of the people who do watch videos don’t enjoy the same hosts. For example, you do not like Beau and Jill does. That is fine. One of my favorite podcasters just started breaking down their YouTube videos into chunks that I can post so there is another set of videos for those that might not like the other hosts. On the videos I might start doing some soon, James figured out what was causing that hum in my microphone set up.

      On the video and the Republicans trying to block women from interstate travel for abortion, one of the things they said was it was not needed as no state would do that, even though several are doing it. The Senate is getting ready to vote on same sex marriage protections and a bunch of Republicans are voting no not because they don’t like same sex marriage according to them, but because it is not needed the Supreme Court already ruled on that. You know what that means, they are not wanting a federal law hoping the SC reverses that law also. Plus if the federal law has authorized same sex marriage, can states still make sodomy illegal? 157 House republicans voted against laws protecting same sex marriage. These people are more than willing to take the big money donations from gays, they are demanding the gay people pay their taxes and obey the laws yet feel they should be second class people with less rights than straight people. Hugs


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