Katie Porter Puts Greedy Corporations In Their Place

You know Rep. Katie Porter is talking nothing but business once she brings out the whiteboard and food props. The largest online progressive news show in the world. Hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian.

2 thoughts on “Katie Porter Puts Greedy Corporations In Their Place

  1. DAMN!! Sorry, Scottie, but I get SO SICK of “commentary.” Why didn’t they just let the video of Katie continue and then they can offer their oh-so-remarkable-and-astute reactions? Her anger and pointed remarks were FAR more effective than any that could be made by these video-happy commentators. He even said her “visuals were excellent”… so why didn’t they allow her to continue her rant without interruption????

    And the same thing with the second part where she attacks the pharma executive.

    And the rest of her rants.

    Commentary is all well and good and has its place … but far too many are more interested in getting THEIR words and thoughts and THEIR face in front of audiences.

    OK. Rant over.

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    1. Hello Nan. Rant away. I like rants. Especially when I agree with them. I agree with everything you wrote / said. I cannot think of anything to add to it.

      Here is the problem I have. I would love to see her entire take down in hearings. I would love to see AOC’s, and Raskins, and other Democrats I admire without constant interruptions. But they are not out there that I know of just by themselves. If you want the clips, you have to watch the show that is willing to have them, and the hosts that talk over them. Yes I could spend all day watching C-span for the 5 minute spots here and there I like, but I would die of boredom before the day was out.

      So like you I get frustrated, and some hosts are worse than others. I try to find the best ones to post. As you see I tend to use the same shows over and over. It is because I watch them anyway. Hugs

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