Man Pulls A Gun On Two Women Who Didn’t Thank Him For Holding The Door

At a Family Dollar store in Connecticut, a man held a door open for two women, then pulled a gun on them when no one said ‘thank you’. Cenk Uygur and Francesca Fiorentini discuss on The Young Turks.

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“Police arrested a New Haven man after they say he was reported to have drawn a gun Saturday over two women not thanking him for holding a door open for them.

Hamden police said 25-year-old Joshua Murray was charged with carrying a pistol without a permit, a felony; along with misdemeanor charges of interfering with an officer and two counts of second-degree breach of peace.

Hamden police officers were called to the Family Dollar store on Dixwell Avenue around 3:15 p.m. on Saturday after Murray was reported to have pointed a gun at customers in front of the business, police said.”

14 thoughts on “Man Pulls A Gun On Two Women Who Didn’t Thank Him For Holding The Door

    1. Hello Nan. That is to say it nicely. But Nan, I think you may have missed the point. This was not about the thank you as much as it was about a woman having the correct attitude towards a man. This is about the women being properly subservient and thankful to a male for holding the door for them. To me this is what a lot of these right wing / religious types think they are getting with the return to religious control of female’s bodies. That scares me and should scare everyone. This correcting women for not being properly grateful to a man is going to get worse and more often. Women are going to get hurt.


        1. Hello Nan. I hope you are right, and I am over thinking this. Some of my best friends are women and I hate the idea they could be mistreated or abuse simply because some guy in our right wing red state thinks they are not acting proper. But I am worried. Cashiers gloating that they won’t ring up condoms for women, doctors having to let pregnant people nearly die before they can help them … it just seems to me there is an effort to devalue women. Hugs

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          1. Sometimes I wonder if the politicians/people who are pushing against women’s rights are doing it to please the Fundies. IOW, I find it somewhat difficult to believe that every Republican politician is THAT against women …

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  1. Wonder what the difference in this outcome and the one in the story earlier. The first one shot in the back vs. this one who was probably treated to a burger on their way to the station. There must be something different that would cause those brave loyal defenders to have such different reactions.

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    1. Hello muttpupdad. Are you implying skin tone might have made a difference in their different police interactions? I guess that some would say that unarmed guy running away was a much great threat due to his powerful dark skin whereas the armed guy who pulled a gun on two women clearly was weak and no threat due to his white skin color. And in case I have new viewers that was meant entirely as sarcasm and snark. You are right Muttpupdad, the police just see every black person as a massive threat and are willing to give white people the benefit of doubt even when it clearly is unwarranted. Hugs

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  2. Holy cow. Talk about entitlement society! I would hold the door because my mother would expect me to do so, because I would expect myself to do so. There are things we do as men, even as a gay man!, that are done because it is needful to understand that in polite society it is appropriate to act the gentleman. I do not expect to be thanked for holding a door for a lady, and I would not be opposed to be a gentleman and hold the door for a man…. especially a cute one šŸ™‚
    I guess I’ve gotten old. Why, I’m so old I even recall a time when one didn’t need a gun to show he was a man.

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    1. I do it for others, too, and I am a woman. Holding the door for the next person, or the person before who maybe has full hands or whatever, is just the right thing for each of us to do when we can. It’s all a fellow traveller courtesy sort of thing; no thanks expected. Sheesh. I wonder why no one ever thought that this could happen when gun-carrying is encouraged by state legislatures. šŸ˜” And totally agreed with you as to why a gun may be needed by some!

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      1. Hello Ali. Yes. Thank you. We all do it, it is just what should be common courtesy in a community or society. But what you say is too true. What did anyone think would happen when men were told women have less rights and the men could carry guns anytime they wanted. It gives very insecure men the idea that the gun gives them authority and that they can use it over women not behaving in a manner they feel is appropriate. Several people think I am wrong but women already are under a different standard threat and I think this is just adding to that. Hugs

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            1. And thank you, too, and all here. Not that we’re doing it for the thanks, but also thank you all for not being someone who carries a gun like that guy,

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    2. Hello Randy. You and I both. It was the mindset we grew up with, to be polite. That was all. I walk with a cane and as you know some days, I am rather unsteady on my feet, I have often had women open and hold a door for me. I was not offended, and I never felt like I owed them anything. I sometimes get the opportunity to hold the door for others and yet I never feel they owe me anything, it is just part of being in a society, a community, people due for each other. It is just respect. But Randy I want you to watch the Biden part of this. We are so screwed. This is the great grandfather no one wants to visit. I had a relative in deep dementia that talked to himself all day that sounded like this. Hugs


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