THE HILL: Democrats want Biden to go scorched-earth on GOP

Democrats want Biden to go scorched-earth on GOP
When Michelle Obama declared “When they go low, we go high” about Republicans in 2016, Democrats generally agreed with the sentiment.

Read in The Hill:

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10 thoughts on “THE HILL: Democrats want Biden to go scorched-earth on GOP

    1. Hello Nan. Some people think that criticizing Biden means you are sabotaging the midterms or helping the right wing win in the future. I don’t see it quite that way. I agree vote blue in the general but in the primaries vote for the democrat you like. Just because we are democrats doesn’t mean we give up the rights to our opinion nor do we have to walk lockstep with each other. That is what the republicans do, and anyone who has a different opinion in their party is hounded out. They force conformity. We democrats shouldn’t be that way. What do you think? By your response I think you agree, and you think we should push Biden and his people into using the “bully pulpit of the presidency” to excite the public. Hugs

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    1. Hello Jeff. We all agree that one of the things killing the democratic party is the idea it is the old, tired party. The republicans have younger members ranting and raving and out doing things on social media, doing podcasts, getting their message out everywhere. The democrats are taking naps. We are going to get slaughtered if we don’t fix that. Hugs

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        1. Hello Nan. Today I brought up the Stephen Colbert monolog about Biden and when Biden went on and on in his story Ron got pissed and left the room. He left the room! Later he said to me that these party leaders may be nice, they may have a lot of information, but Ron said they are just too old. He is in his late 60s so Ron is not being ageist, he called Biden the great grandpa who rambles on that no one wants to have to sit next to at thanksgiving. We are so screwed with these people, and they don’t even understand it. Biden said he did not want to give student debt relief because he managed to work his way through college. How long ago was that and what was the costs? He said he felt kids today complain too much when he was on the campaign trail. Great dogs that love gravy he is stuck in the far past and killing our future. But if he runs we have to vote for him, as bad as it is, he is better than a Republican fascist. Hugs

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          1. But if he runs we have to vote for him …. Well, not necessarily. Of course, NO! I would not vote for ANY Republican, but perhaps an Independent … or a Green Party … or a Constitutionalist.

            I know the drawbacks to this kind of vote, but I’m just not sure I could bring myself to put an X by Biden.


            1. Hello Nan. In our system of government, no third party candidate can win. Only the Republican or the Democrat will win. If you don’t vote for the democrat your vote is in reality for the Republicans. It is the same with no voting, it helps the other side that you don’t like. I do hope Biden will bow out gracefully, he hinted he planned to be a one term president. But once these ambitious people get a taste of power, they hate to let it go. And I hope Harris understands she has been tainted by her being in that administration and waits to run another time. Sadly the two most well known progressives are in their advanced ages also. Who would you like to run as a democrat? Hugs


              1. At this point, it would be difficult to answer your question. I know a couple of names have been floated around, but then the commentators start their spiels and raise this or that doubt and it sorta’ takes the edge off the one you might be considering. One thing is for certain … we simply MUST get at least ONE REALLY STRONG candidate because if tRump does run again … well, need I say more?

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