a Three Hour Tour

THREE HOUR TOUR – Gilligan’s Island Parody

Song Parody of “The Ballad Of Gilligan’s Island” words and music by Sherwood Schwartz and Georgy Wyle © 1963 parody lyrics by Roy Zimmemran and Melanie Harby © 2022 – FAIR USE

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale
Of a nearly successful coup
That started at the end of
Constitution Avenue

A congressman named Loudermilk
A MAGA guy obscure
Led twelve of his constituents
On a three hour tour
A three hour tour

One of the guys who was on that tour
Who’d learned his way around
Came back with the mob the very next day
And stormed the Capitol grounds

It wasn’t just a protest
That got somehow out of hand
But a violent insurrection
Meticulously planned

The president who would be king
Conspired to make damn sure
The rioters would lay siege that day
On a three hour tour
A three hour tour

The ship of state was nearly wrecked
By the lawlessness and guile
Of Loudermilligan
The Skipper too
The millionaire
And the wife
The movie star
The Professor
and Mary Ann
Here on Mutineers’ Isle

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