GOP Rep Claims Birth Control Causes More Abortions

“Rather than work with us, Democrats again are spreading fear and misinformation to score political points. That opens the door further to extreme abortion-on-demand and their agenda. H.R. 8373 is a Trojan Horse for more abortions.

“It should be called the ‘Payouts for Planned Parenthood Act!’ It would send more taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood.” – GOP Rep. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, during today’s debate on codifying to right to access contraceptives.

Rodgers is a creationist nutbag who authored Washington state’s bill that would have outlawed same-sex marriage.


Sister_Bertrille • 20 minutes ago

Brushing and flossing cause cavities! Most people brush and floss. Most people get cavities. See!

SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad • 27 minutes ago • edited

Contraception can involve the penis.
Contraception can involve the vagina

This is morally reprehensible and has no place in decent society. Once people have access to contraception, they will have sex with animals and marry their toaster. Won’t someone think of the children?

– GOP Rep. Rep. Cathy [Monica Cole wannabee] McMorris Rodgers,

Meet John Doe • 36 minutes ago

Abortions increase when a woman cannot control her reproductive cycle.

BeccaM • 23 minutes ago

Their anti-freedom positions are so appalling, misogynistic, and hateful, Rethugs have no alternative other than to keep lying about the facts, lying about their own position, and lying about the position and goals of our side.

Just fucking blatantly lying.

Boreal • 27 minutes ago

They want to take away your freedom. That’s how dems need to frame this over and over and use the repig tactics against them.

The_Wretched • 32 minutes ago

“Rather than work with us, Democrats again are spreading fear and misinformation to score political points.”

Straight up gaslighting. Republicans never stop .

William • 32 minutes ago

Why aren’t these rethuglican women home taking care of their babies?

Unbordered American William • 31 minutes ago

That’s next on the agenda!

Elsewhere1010 • 35 minutes ago

So… not becoming pregnant leads to more abortions, just as shooting people with assault weapons leads to fewer deaths.

crewman • 35 minutes ago

This is 100% about one group forcing its filthy, disgusting morals on everyone else. Evangelicals are sick.

ChrisInKansas • 27 minutes ago

All they do is lie. I’m so fucking tired of all the lying.

boobert • 37 minutes ago

How did this become a republican crusade? You’d think no republican ever got an abortion or used birth control. I think they’ve lost their minds!

Random Observer boobert • 22 minutes ago

Read up on the history – Jerry Falwell / Paul Weyrich (Moral Majority) used abortion to drive evangelical votes to GOP when DOJ under Carter said “no government money for segregated colleges” like his “Liberty University” and Bob Jones University, which were “whites only”, even in the mid 70s.

TnCTampa boobert • 37 minutes ago

its a vote getter. it drives people to vote. just like going after gays when half them sucking dick down on DuPont circle

another_steve • 42 minutes ago

The November Democratic campaign ads write themselves.

“The Republican Party’s War on Women”

crewman another_steve • 40 minutes ago • edited

Not just women, men too. I am pretty sure there’s more than a few men who would not want to be forced into supporting a child they weren’t expecting or wanting with a woman they maybe weren’t really wanting to have a lifetime attachment to.

another_steve crewman • 37 minutes ago

Good point.

I tell ya, crewman… if you’re a woman, an LGBT person or a person of color and you vote Republican, you are clinically mentally ill.

You need professional help.

3 thoughts on “GOP Rep Claims Birth Control Causes More Abortions

    1. Hello Nan. The lengths these people go to, do you think they really believe what they say? Or are they playing for the rubes? Either way the rubes, the right wing followers of these people are already so uneducated or taught not to think critically that they won’t understand how incorrect this idea that a human baby is formed when sperm meets egg.
      But add to those red states are restricting sex education based on these don’t say gay bills so that entire generations of kids will grow up to be adults that have no idea how wrong the republican party is about how a pregnancy happens and grows in a person. Think of it, I just posted how a large school system here in Florida had to remove their sexual education textbooks to not run afoul of the don’t say gay laws. These were textbooks for older students, high school age, and the fact that they mentioned some things that pissed off the republican religious right such as that not everyone was cis gender, they tanked the entire text and teaching the subject. Even though the objecting parents could opt out their kids, now no kid gets the information many parents asked that their children be given.

      The idea these people are trying to create is every ejaculation in a person with a uterus is a baby. That is why the clerks that won’t sell condoms to women claim they have that religious right. But is a total lie as you stated before. There is no human baby. I was going to argue that point and make the religious guy on your post back that up that it was a human baby from fertilization, when it is less than a human baby than cancer cells. But you notice that all these restrictions on females do not apply to males. Is sperm sacred? No man is required to not masturbate. I keep think why are the rules only for women? And those rules don’t give the woman benefits, like in the case of the pregnant person who used the multiple people in the car lane claiming her pregnancy made it two people. She still got the ticket. Yet according to the Texas law her fetus has full human rights? I guess that means only full rights to use her, not for her benefit. Got to go, I am getting really angry over this. Thanks for the comment and keep them coming. Hugs

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