Celebs Flout CA Water Restrictions | Arnold Schwarzenegger Outed As A Face Farter

Please listen to this until it gets to Joe Biden.   It is not long.   This is why the Democrats are losing, why the young people don’t want to follow this party or vote for them.  It makes me sick.   Compare this to the fire brans on the other side, even to tRump.   We are so screwed in the elections.   Hugs

Sylvester Stallone is apparently ignoring California’s new rules aimed at conserving water during the current drought, and “End Of Days” star Arnold Schwarzenegger has been credibly accused of passing gas into a fellow actor’s face on the set of that film.

10 thoughts on “Celebs Flout CA Water Restrictions | Arnold Schwarzenegger Outed As A Face Farter

  1. I heard about the Schwarzenegger gas-passing on the radio day before yesterday. What a dweeb for that. And what awful people, using water that everyone needs just as much.

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    1. Hello Ali. I agree with you, but what I posted that for was the long rambling story that Biden went on. He was the great grandfather that no one wants to have to listen to, and he is not going to inspire the younger people to vote. Hugs

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    1. Hello Roger. I should have clipped the video to show just the Biden part. That was the part I wanted people to see and I hope people watched. Did you see that part where Biden went droning on in his story going down tangents and seeming confused? Compare to the fire in the belly republicans. We are so screwed. Hugs

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        1. Hello Roger. Biden does seem like a really nice person. A guy you could spend an afternoon with chatting, and he is kind to everyone. An old fashion gentleman. But sadly that is not what we need right now as the leader of the Democratic party. Hugs

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            1. Hello Roger. You have a much better sense of history than I do, and remember I was banned from having books including school textbooks at home for years, but from what I read both Kennedy and LBJ were not personally people we would respect today but they accomplished many great works pushing our country to a more progressive future. Some stories of LBJ I have read are very disgusting, like making people talk to him while he was on the toilet, and Kennedy while a hero seemed unable to control his sex drive which may have led to the death of Marilyn Monroe. Maybe in a more progressive time these men and their actions would be more acceptable. But yes they shared a commitment to the country that seems totally missing in politicians today. Feel free to share or inform me as you see fit. Best wishes and Hugs

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              1. They were both flawed Scottie, as were many before, during and after.
                Robert Caro embarked on a monumental five volume biography of LBJ. Volume Five is still to come.
                Volume Four ‘The Passage of Power’ deals with his years as Vice-President and then President. Within this he goes into some detail concern Robert Kennedy, &JFK’s ‘Elite It is a weighty read of some 600 pages but does have insight.
                LBJ although from the South understood the necessity of Civil Rights and was willing to sacrifice votes for that. Knowing the reaction in his home region on signing the Civil Rights bill 2nd Jul 1964 he said ‘There Goes The South’.
                Had it not been for the catastrophe of the Vietnam War (which actually had many fathers, including in a minor role JFK ). Johnson would have been classed as one of the great presidents.

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