Ron is not happy with me.

So for this week Ron has been trying to run a new exhaust fan in the hallway bathroom.  When he built the bathroom, he added an extra switch for such a fan and ran the electrical wiring for it and placed it somewhere in the wall.  Deactivated of course.   He has not been able to remember where it was.    So we went back and forth and I found a tool for finding wires in the walls this morning but he got a stubborn streak.     Over the last two days he has torn all the ceiling down and insulation in our bathroom next to the wall that is next to the hallway bathroom hoping the wires would magically appear.   And it did not.   Now all this time I have been at my computers finding the device to find wires, but Ron has resisted going and getting it.  

Then I had a thought, he has just insulated and put up the green board on our bathroom side of that wall.    I suggested to him he install the exhaust fan in the wall between the bathrooms and run the flexible hose up to the vent to the roof inside the wall and that would let him work on the entire thing including putting in a new switch from our side of the wall.    He thought for a minute, then looked at me and in all seriousness said, “Go back to your office I don’t want to talk to you right now”!    Because he realized everything I said made sense.  He would have had to tear down the entire ceiling in that bathroom which was grand looking, if he did not do as I suggested.    He has gone off to Home Depot to buy everything needed to do just what I said.   I asked him why he did not have the electrical parts already and his response was “I used them all, I need to buy more, why are you not in your office doing what you do, and by the way what do you want for lunch”!   I think I have rubbed a sore spot.   😀😁😄😂😋😎😍 Hugs

9 thoughts on “Ron is not happy with me.

    1. Hello Ten Bears. So Ron got the fan installed in the ceiling and the switch in the wall powered from the outlet in our bathroom. Even with the mess everything should be grand, right? So he went to Home Depot to get more spray foam in a can to lock the hose into the vent. So I was surprised when he got home and went to work and started yelling. Seems he did not put any kind of mesh or block around the area he wanted to foam in and the can of foam he sprayed up there all came falling back down all around him, on him, on the floor and everywhere. He is not a happy camper. Hugs


    1. Hello Ali. It was grand. I just don’t eat as much as I used to. Ron bought me a full size sub and I only could eat half of it , but I had the second half for breakfast. That is what I love about when we order pizza. Yes the cost is high, but we get many meals out of it so when you divide it by that it is rather cheap for us. So Ron stopped at the local Publix and brought home an ultimate sub for me and lots of fried chicken, and then he baked a bunch of French Fries. I ate until I would have burst. Hugs

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    1. Hello Roger. Dude thank you but don’t worry about us. We have the funds and the structure to keep cool as we need to. We don’t like the electrical bill but we can pay it. We are lucky in that respect. It is scary right now. Ron’s sister and her husband, who live in Texas, bought a summer home on a lake in New Hampshire, and they don’t have A/C there, and they are suffering badly. Ron is to the point of letting them come to Florida to stay with us to cool down. Think of that, Florida is cooler than New England. But I am worried about you and your wife. Ron was in England 30 years ago and tells me that it was not normal for homes to have air conditioning. I hope your family and friends have a way to stay cool. I would hate to have anything bad happen to you. I read today that the roads are melting. Best wishes and Hugs

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      1. Thanks for your concerns Scottie.
        We made it through and are slowly catching up.
        Commercial buildings have ac, but there never seemed to be a popular call for it residential places. The opposite happened, a big drive for insulation. So now houses retain heat when we need to lose it.
        Still, we have our quirky British ways. Sheila found a tip online. Thus, we froze up some ice in our freezer, and placed it on a tray in front of one of our fans. Result a semi-cooling breeze. 😃
        To use the other meaning of the word; we also kept our ‘cool’, and rolled with it.
        Thanks again for your kind thoughts.

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