House Freedom Caucus Lobbies GOP Senators Against Marriage Bill Even Though Its Chairman Voted For It

So the republican “freedom caucus” wants to end my freedom to be married to my husband.   See what freedom they really mean?  The freedom to harass and control other people even to what sexual pleasures consenting adults may have.   Really, that is freedom, their controlling your bedroom.  I fought when the republicans came for the trans people. I fought when they came for women body autonomy, I will fight now that they are coming for everyone else not following ridged rules of accepted behavior based on the rules of a book written 2,500 years ago.    Scary times in the former land of the free.    Hugs

The Hill reports:

The House Freedom Caucus is urging Senate Republicans to oppose the Respect for Marriage Act that would codify federal protections for same-sex marriage, even though its chair, Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.), voted in favor of the legislation.

“The ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ was rushed through the House as yet another weapon to distract, confuse, and deceive American Citizens. It allowed no hearings or markups, and less than a day to review,” the Freedom Caucus said in its official position statement.

“The radical Left has launched an all-out campaign on America’s traditional values and sacred institutions. It has weakened the nuclear family, attacked the norms of masculinity and femininity, and now it wants to further erode the sacred institution of marriage,” the caucus said.

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SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad • 14 minutes ago • edited

The radical Left has launched an all-out campaign on America’s traditional values and sacred institutions. It has weakened the nuclear family, attacked the norms of masculinity and femininity, and now it wants to further erode the sacred institution of marriage,” the caucus said.

My god, drama queening much? – Its already law. It doesn’t do anything new. It merely protects what has already happened.

BensNewLogin • 14 minutes ago • edited

The nuclear family has been weakened by heterosexuals. It has nothing to do with radical left or radical right. You need to only look at three Trump marriages, three Gingrich marriages, and God knows how many marriages by Larry King.

The norms of masculinity and femininity are culture specific. In fact, they aren’t really norms. and no one is attacking them.

As for weakening the sacred institution of marriage, it’s not a sacred institution, it’s a civil contract which may have religion attached to it. If anything has weakened it— an assertion, not a proof — it is the heterosexual majority refusing to get married, preferring to shack up, or getting married multiple times. See Trump and Gingrich above. Not to mention, religious people who wine on and on about the sanctity of marriage, but seem to be divorced more often than anyone else

Joe in NM • 15 minutes ago

Yeah, let’s ask serial adulterer and thrice married Trump about the “sacred institution of marriage”.

Paula • 20 minutes ago • edited

Why would there need to be discussions? It is about maintaining rights or taking away rights from people. Yes or no. We don’t need to hear you incessant sniveling bullshit about jeebus and the buybull.

6 thoughts on “House Freedom Caucus Lobbies GOP Senators Against Marriage Bill Even Though Its Chairman Voted For It

  1. Scottie, do you have validation that -IF- this is passed that it would nullify current marriages? Or would it just STOP future marriages? Also, would it be like the abortion bill in that it would be legislated within the States rather than by a U.S. governmental decree?

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    1. Hello Nan. The bill in question that the freedom caucus wants to block would put same sex marriage rights into federal law. It is designed to counter the possible SCOTUS from overturning Obergefell. It is to protect marriage equality. As many have said, the name freedom means the radical right has the freedom to tell everyone else what they must do. Freedom also means everyone has the freedom to do as the radical right tells them. See how that works?

      If SCOTUS overturns Obergefell then yes it would return to the states. Many red states have laws, some in their constitution which say that marriage is one man and one woman. In those states same sex married couples automatically lose the protections of marriage, they are only really good friends according to the laws. Like abortion in states that already approved marriage equality nothing changes. In states with no laws it will become a legal question and if it is a red state they will move to make it illegal. Either way it is untenable that in one country the movement over a state line can remove a married couple’s legal rights. Think of same sex parents crossing state lines. In some places simply to get to a large airport one must cross state lines. What about going to visit family and relatives in a different state? Going on vacation to a famous theme park in a red state what happens to your parental rights? It simply cannot work if there are different marriage laws in different states. If I filed jointly married and then my marriage is void by SCOTUS does that mean I violated tax laws? It shouldn’t be this way for abortion either, but it is. Hugs


      1. OK … one more question. If it becomes a state issue and Florida declares it “illegal,” what happens to folks like you? Will those who are already “married” become “unmarried” and thus lose all financial and legal benefits? Or would it be like abortion … they can’t go backwards, only forward.

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        1. Hello Nan. Florida is currently the red kingdom of maga DeathSantis. He started the red state push to don’t say gay and wipe the LGBTQ+ out of schools, out of movies, and out of public acceptance. He went after Disney for giving whishy washy statements in favor of LGBTQ+ rights but that same company rarely puts openly gay characters in their shows / movies. DeathSantis is desperate to become President and then king of the US. To do that he has to stay the beloved of the maga cult. He also needs the religious Fundies votes, so he will do as they demand, and they will demand he get rid of same sex marriage as fast as possible. Because to the Fundies my marriage is blasphemy against their god, it makes Jesus cry, they would demand it be wiped out entirely with no one grandfathered in. So in Florida my marriage would disappear as fast as they can pass the bills into law, and all the marriage rights with it.

          When that happens Ron and I are out of the state. We have places we have looked into that would honor our marriage and rights. But there is another question. Our marriage license is from the state of Florida, the marriage conducted by the county clerk. If the state makes same sex marriage illegal, will other states still honor that marriage certificate? Will we have to be remarried in the state we move to? If the federal law doesn’t change and same sex marriage is state by state will the federal benefits of marriage be lost? Right now the Defense of Marriage Act is still the law on the books, never changed after SCOTUS made same sex marriages legal. We just don’t know the answers to these questions. Hugs

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    1. Hello taurusingemini. You are correct. There is no way to vote them out due to gerrymandering and voter suppression. In that case is the US still a democracy? I would say we are almost not one now. Hugs


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