Bill Maher Is RIDICULOUSLY Out Of Touch With Average Americans

Stalwart liberal Bill Maher shows the world how far to the right he actually is nowadays. The largest online progressive news show in the world. Hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian.

9 thoughts on “Bill Maher Is RIDICULOUSLY Out Of Touch With Average Americans

    1. Hello Jeff. Same here. I loved his early stuff. But as he aged and he got wealthier I watched him change, go the way of Dennis Miller. From a left leaning comedian to a right wing attack dog, repeating the same old worn out attacks on anything different than what he grew up with. He is a conservative now, worried about his money, wants the LGBTQ+ to quiet down and go back to being more hidden, and he wants no laws that interfere with his desires. I watched it happen during the Obama terms. Now I cannot stand to listen to him, as you say he is out of touch and just a cranky old man. Hugs

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  1. I don’t see how Cenk is suddenly done with him over his facial expressions. I couldn’t stand Maher from day one due to his expressions and the way he talks. He’s a total poser, a smug douchebag. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, doesn’t mean I’m hanging it on my wall.

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    1. Hello Claude. I think Cenk has long been done with Maher, but it was a way to point out how smug Maher is now compared to his earlier days. Maher is doing the same thing Dennis Miller did, start out a left wing comedian, get well know and wealthy, and as they age they become conservative old men worried about their money, society changing more than they like, and wanting their comforts without interference from the masses. Cranky old men. Hugs

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  2. Hi Scottie;
    Ok, I feel stupid. See, all this time I couldn’t really understand why people like my parents who were once Democrats are now Republicans, but Cenk actually used one small term that may have solidified it all for me. And, we’ve talked about this before…. I’m slow, sorry, but this is weird for me.
    Did he basically say that the degree to which someone is able to be flexible in their thinking, and then by my further interpretation – their comfort level with new things, their willingness to see themselves separate from their environment and be ok with that — defines conservatism? Does that then mean that there is no drawing people out of this conservatism because it doesn’t mean what it once did – the economic and political definitions – but due to the quickly transitioning technological and sociological environments conservatism is now defined by an inability to grow? I couldn’t understand how someone could possibly be “pro-Trump”, be republican, but is it not that they are blind, deaf, stupid – but that they are unwilling to accept new or different information? And, if this is the case, ….?
    to use one of your terms… Good Gravy Loving Dogs, I could end up republican? Or, maybe just senile.
    So disappointed with life….

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    1. Well said brother, very well said. Yes Randy it is about the world changing in ways they cannot deal with, it takes more effort to navigate the world for them, everything is moving just too fast, and they are just not comfortable in it, so they retreat to their favorite TV shows mostly from their past which they were comfortable with. Such as Matlock, Murder She Wrote, and old westerns like Bonanza. Here they retreat to the club houses and have dances with old songs, potlucks, and bingo, things that don’t take much energy to understand, it was the way it was in their prime. When we first moved into this park when we would go to the club house the old men would shit themselves over my long hair which then was short than it is now. They would fume over it. They have long sense died off or left the park, and the people here now that still have hair have it longer. But the men back then couldn’t accept or deal with the change, I was a long haired hippie to them.

      You won’t ever be an old cranky man because you keep your mind active and into the modern age. As long as you don’t retreat but stay in the modern world and embrace the changes you will be young of heart and mind forever. I have seen people who got into computers at an older age and embrace them be far more open minded than those that wouldn’t even try to use those things. When people stop using new things and say they prefer the old ways, you know they are retreating from the modern world. Best wishes old man, I will be watching you and if you become a cranky old man, I will pick out your nursing home. 😀😃😄😉😋😍 Hugs .


  3. You know what, Scottie? I think somewhere along the way I confused Maher with Stewart and accused the latter of becoming more “right-minded” — when actually it’s, as you said, Maher who has fallen off the wagon and been picked up by the wackos. Sorry, Mr. Stewart!

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    1. Hello Nan. I can understand that. Stewart is still as progressive and open minded as ever. I was stunned when he left his hit show and with his wife bought a farm, a real farm with animals. He has a new show that doesn’t have the reach of his last one, because it is on Apple Plus. So doesn’t reach as many people, and his clips on YouTube are not as engaging. But he still hires young people and allows them to lead the discussions with his input. I really enjoy it, but I get the impression he is doing it more to create a new generation of progressives than to be funny or successful. I imagine he already made so much money he won’t ever have to worry about it.

      But Maher who could have been like Stewart simply became a cranky old man railing that everything was changing too fast and we needed to all just return to the past when he was younger and it was fun for him. Sound familiar. It is the same with our political leaders who should retire. They simply cannot relate to today’s world and the younger people who live in it. Hugs

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