Notorious Troll Rips Signs From Tampa Protesters

I want everyone to notice that the right delights in violence against those who disagree with them.   The rabid right wingers rushed into the crowd of protestors and attacked them.   To those who say we shouldn’t ever use violence notice the police refused to charge or arrest the right winger who was stealing protestors signs, attacking them, and proud of his violence on the left counter protestors.     The same guy was the one I posted who was so over the top sexually screaming at AOC.  So yes had I been in that crowd of protestors and one of these assholes tried to take my sign or fucked with me I would react very violently.   I would kick the shit out of them or go down trying.   I won’t turn and run from these assholes.   They used to attack gay people in gangs until gay people started kicking their asses.   That needs to happen now.   These right wing jerks want to start shit, we on the left have to be willing to hold our own and stop them.   Plus this bullshit of the police protecting the rabid right needs to be something everyone should complain about to the police, to the communities, to the people in charge.   Hugs

Patch Tampa reports:

While thousands of conservative student activists cheered the words shared by some of the country’s top conservative leaders, including former President Donald Trump, at Turning Point USA’s 2022 Student Action Summit in the Tampa Convention Center, angry words were exchanged between young adults outside.

Hundreds of activists came out for a “Don’t Facist Our Florida” protest organized by Florida For Change, Tampa Bay Community Action Committee and Women’s Voices of SW Florida.

Alex Stein of Dallas, Texas, who broadcasts the program, “Prime Time 99 Alex Stein,” on Rumble and describes himself as a “professional troll,” was escorted from the protest area by police after he grabbed signs away from pro-life demonstrators while shouting, “Baby killers. You guy murder babies.”

Creative Loafing Tampa reports:

As the protest crowd approached, right wingers holding signs that read “Free the J6 Political Prisoners” shouted “keep moving commies!” as the protestors shouted “racist, sexist, anti-gay, Ron DeSantis go away!”

When the protest crowd arrived in front of the convention center, the right wingers entered the crowd and began antagonizing protesters. Self-described “comedian” named Alex Stein also entered the crowd and called all of the protesters “baby killers” as he ripped signs out of women’s hands and pushed his way into the crowd.

TPD removed Stein from the crowd and one officer told him, “You can’t be physically fighting people,” but still refused to take action against him. When asked why TPD just let him go with little incident—even with several witnesses, victims, and video of him instigating—officer D.J. Rhodes noted that protestors were on the walkway.

Last week Stein earned national headlines for sexually harassing AOC on the steps of US Capitol, a stunt which earned him appearances on Fox News and multiple pro-Trump outlets. As you can see by his own clip below, Stein is quite proud of himself.



Mark Austin • 10 minutes ago

Why didn’t someone mace him with the pepper spray combined with blue dye? That shit doesn’t come out for weeks. Parade that face on faux and other channels.

CB • 11 minutes ago

This is what DeSantis enables. Keep that in mind as he announces for President.

Ragnar Lothbrok • 37 minutes ago

Election this fall is gonna be lit.
Be prepared.

Gustav2 • 24 minutes ago • edited

Pssst, without a permit the walkway is where the protesters must be. There have been several tussles between protesters and police when someone accidently stepped off the walkway and into the street.

liondon#traitor-ex-president • 28 minutes ago

Who’s paying these people?

Gustav2 liondon#traitor-ex-president • 22 minutes ago • edited

The usual suspects who fund everything Far Right Republican.

And Far Right group A raises funds, pays for the Far Right B group leaders to speak, while the B group pays for the A leaders’ speaker fees.

The circle of life.

jk105 • 29 minutes ago

Another example of a right winger who goes on air belching outrage over cancel culture leftists, who passes by peaceful progressive demonstrations and grabs signs and violently assaults people.

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