‘I’m Telling You, She’s a Psycho’: Trump Fumes at ‘Sinister and Very Evil’ Enemies Nancy Pelosi, Her Husband Paul, and More in TPUSA Speech

Ex-president Donald Trump went long and went off when he spoke on Saturday at the Turning Points Action conference in Tampa, Florida, telling his audience that he was “so off-script” and mowing through a host of grievances and enemies on his list.

“That’s one thing you can’t say about Joe Biden. If he guess off-script it’s a disaster,” said Trump, seemingly acknowledging he was going long and getting off topic before continuing in that vein for over 15 minutes more.

After laying into Democrat Adam Schiff at length, Trump named other enemies such as Republicans Mitt RomneyLisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins before turning his attention to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi.

“Where does it stop? Where does it all end?” Trump asked the audience. “It probably doesn’t stop because despite the great outside dangers, our biggest threat remains the sick and sinister and very evil people from within our country.”

“People like crazy Nancy Pelosi — she’s nuts. I’m telling you, she’s a nut job,” said Trump. “I mean, you talk about people in politics. Look at her husband. Every time something happens, he goes out and he buys stuff. He’s made a lot of money, made $100 million.”

Trump was referencing the fact that Mr. Pelosi recently made a large investment in graphic chips ahead of a vote that would have a direct impact on the stock value. A vote about which one might reasonably deduce the Pelosis would have some certainty on the outcome – and therefore the impact.

“She started off with nothing. And she does have a big wall around her house, by the way, even though she fought us like crazy on the wall,” said Trump, going off-script from being off-script. “But she’s crazy. She’s nuts. I’m telling you, she’s a psycho.”

“I mean, how can they allow a person to make all that money? And the press barely wants to cover it,” Trump continued. “It’s called insider trading. Insider trading. Everything this corrupt establishment is doing to me is all about preserving their power and control over the American people.”

“They’re sick,” he added.


2 thoughts on “‘I’m Telling You, She’s a Psycho’: Trump Fumes at ‘Sinister and Very Evil’ Enemies Nancy Pelosi, Her Husband Paul, and More in TPUSA Speech

  1. The funny thing about all this is he has NO CLUE that everything he says could be turned around to describe HIM!

    But of course, and unfortunately, his fans can’t see it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Nan. All very true. Really true. I don’t know how to reach the die hards. You know more about how intractable they are far more than I do. But as the Jan 6th committee has shown we still have to try to put the information out to the public and it is working. Hugs

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