Florida Woman’s UNHINGED School Board Speech

Florida school board candidate Alisabeth Janai Lancaster suggested doctors who prescribe hormone blockers to trans children ought to be lynched, and was met with applause. Wos breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

8 thoughts on “Florida Woman’s UNHINGED School Board Speech

    1. Hello Roger. She is misinformed, like so many on the right. They have these untrue things fed to them by the right wing media that they consume while refusing to even consider any other media that disagree with them. She calls hormone therapy mutilation which means she had no clue what it even is, and she is not willing to be educated and doesn’t care what it really is, she has her own reality and is OK with it. Because she is OK with the lie that she believes she now is willing to do violence to the doctors prescribing accepted medical treatment, again because she believes a lie and doesn’t want to hear the truth. She wants violence to back up her reality made up of a lie. That is the current right wing in a nutshell. It is so scary here in Florida right now for minorities. This woman is running for office, yet the current governor is acting like her and is now going after any company that doesn’t agree with him. Total agreement, which includes no diversity training, no support for LGBTQ+ employees, no hiring of openly LGBTQ+ employees, and no support of abortion by giving employees any time off or money to go out of state. Any company he deems “woke” is now being targeted by the state. A restaurant had a safe for kids drag show and the Governor has ordered state agencies to pull the establishments liquor license and work to shut the place down. All because the right now equates any and all drag shows with sex. It is getting very worrying. The LGBTQ+ has become the Jews of the 1030s Germany. Hugs

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      1. It is true Scottie, in recent years Ignorance and Blinkered thinking have gained traction in many areas.
        A History shows this is a depressing re-occurrence.
        And as is often the cause the bulk of folk, although not sympathy with these twin evils are far too supine.

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        1. Hello Roger. What happened in history to turn the people around back to enlightenment. To being progressive from being regressive? Do you think we could use that to turn things around now? I feel desperate to do something to turn the tide and the wave of hate rushing over my country. I just don’t know what to do. Hugs

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            1. Hello Nan. I know your joking! The secret service frowns heaving on non-joking statements like that. Besides that would be too good for You Know Who, I want that person to spend the rest of their life in prison. A very uncomfortable prison where they are constantly told no, a word they did not think applied to them. Hugs

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              1. Not necessarily “joking” — but I’m well aware that such an action would be “frowned on” by those guys with suits and dark glasses. I guess wishful thinking would be more like it. And yes … I agree that prison would be a good choice as well.

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          1. The options are running out Scottie, because Ignorance, essentially White Ignorance feels it can grasp the USA.
            It is necessary, therefore, for everyone not signed up to the fanatical blindness to either:
            1 Those who are in opposition continue.
            2 Those who think it doesn’t apply to them, it does
            3 Those who are not fanatics, appreciate they will send you down a path to conflict and misery.
            It is not too late, but tick-tock

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