‘Bunch of bull****’: Reporter talks to Trump supporters in wake of hearings

Yes this is CNN and yes the CC is gibberish on that network.  But if you stand to listen to them am post this to show how deluded and unwilling to face reality these people have become.  I don’t know what is wrong with people like this or how to reach them.   What makes them this way?  Hugs

CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan visits Arizona and speaks with Republican voters at competing Trump and Pence events

5 thoughts on “‘Bunch of bull****’: Reporter talks to Trump supporters in wake of hearings

    1. Hello Nan. I agree. But what do we do about them? Over 25% of the population and growing think the election was stolen and trump is correct. Because members of the elected members of Congress agree with them and promote what they believe. They are growing because the asshats in Congress are feeding them, spouting everything they believe on their right-wing media. They are taking over the country. More republicans today believe the 2020 election was stolen from trump than did at the time of the election, because they keep hearing it on Fox and the rest of the lying right wing media. This is scary. Randy and I know people who used to be thinking normal rather tolerant people that now only watch / listen to Fox and are totally drinking the Kool-Aid. It is starting to worry me because here in Florida the governor has now started to attack any company that he thinks is “woke” which he claims is any company
      that allows or promotes diversity (the state has already made diversity training illegal for any company in Florida), that supports LGBTQ+ issues / employees or even hires those people, who support a womans right to abortion or offers to fund out of state travel for that. There is no reason for him to attack these companies, his cult doesn’t know what they are doing or care. But he does and this shows he has become a true believe in the Nazi fascist belief now that it looks like he could be the first republican to win the presidency and get kingship. Following it in this state I cannot yell loud enough about what DeathSantis is doing. He endorses the Nasi’s / confederacy racist that show up and support him but now attacks any company or teacher that displays a rainbow flag. Hugs


      1. I know. It’s very scary. What blows my mind is how these people absolutely REFUSE to consider any other viewpoints. What they’ve heard/read on their news source of choice is pure and undefiled gospel. Period. The end. I think the ONLY way they might wake up is when a particular action affects them negatively.

        But I agree with you. It is scary. The only consolation (for those still young enough) is that history has shown this type of regime doesn’t last forever.

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        1. Hello Nan. I agree. They are just like Tildeb. You will like the video of Texas Paul I am right now watching. He talks about how Fox openly lies to their viewers and how the right won’t change their minds because the information they think is true is reinforced by the right wing media. Hugs


          1. I will take your word for it. Unlike you, I’m just not that much of a video-watcher. Occasionally, yes … if the topic is one that I’m especially interested in. As I think I’ve indicated before … I’m a reader. It gives me the liberty to read what I want and how much I want. But as I’ve also said before … to each his own. 😁

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