New Ad Blisters Texas Gov On Abortion Rights [VIDEO]

The Huffington Post reports:

The ad, released Monday by Mothers Against Greg Abbott PAC, shows a doctor explaining to an expectant couple that their new child will be born with a “catastrophic brain abnormality” and will only be able to survive a few hours after birth.

The crying mother then starts to consider the available options only to have the doctor tell her that “here is only one person who can make this choice, and that person is Greg.” The father wonders, understandably, “Who the fuck is Greg?”

The doctor then opens a locker with the face of the Republican governor and grabs a red phone and places a call. After a brief conversation, the doctor hangs up the phone and tells the parents, “Yeah, that’s gonna be a no. Best of luck to you.”

Read the full article. Watch both ads below. The second one went viral on Twitter last week.


Chris Baker • 18 minutes ago

A better one might be: “your fetus is going to die and you will probably die too.” “What can we do?” “It’s up to Greg… he says ‘sorry, best of luck but it’s in God’s hands now. Doctors are prohibited from helping you.’”

KarenAtFOH Chris Baker • 14 minutes ago

“Here’s a link to Father Guido’s website, where you can schedule him for last rites. Book early, he’s become quite busy.”

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