4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about military recruitment problems….

  1. CBS News had a little feature about that tonight. I remember after GW invaded Iraq, there was trouble getting people to meet the basic knowledge for the entrance exams, now it’s physical health. What if they gave a war and nobody went…

    Off topic but I think you’ll like this: https://www.treehugger.com/bizarre-and-beautiful-starfish-species-4864159 . I’ve had that tab open since noon, so I thought I’d better give it to you. 🙂

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    1. Hello Ali. Sorry to take so long to get back to you. Yes over the years patriotism causing people to join the military was a thing. Remember the military loves bad economic times so that kids are forced to join. Plus the military loves attacks on the US like 9/11 so they can get the benefit without having to pay out any extra to get kids to join. But let’s be serious, this country is a joke and spiteful to the military. Seriously. The country devotes most of the GPD to defense / the military but very little of it trickles down to the people in the military and their housing. I have been in the housing and it is stuff that would be condemned anywhere not controlled by the government, and it was getting worse when I was in way back then. Injured soldiers coming home from Afghanistan were housed in places so bad they were electrocuted taking showers. That was brought up in congress, but nothing was done. But the wealthy defense contractor companies and their stockholders get most of the defense budget.

      Remember wars are political for the US. Our defense posture has been since World War 2 that the US must be able to fight wars on two fronts on other sides of the world from each other. See how the law about that was written for a time long ago? While the requirements for military personal numbers have been shrunk the needs for that two wars in two distinct parts of the world have not. So the military hardware gets the money as that makes the big donors to congress the most donations, and the troops and their needs … nothing. Why with so much of the countries GDP, far more than the next 12 countries is the VA unable to care for the military people injured during service. Why? Because that doesn’t bring profit to all those defense contractors that sell planes, arms, missiles, arms, guns and the rest.

      Wars in the US are political and I hate that but it is true. I agree with every reason for us to be helping Ukraine and want more support for them, but all over the world are other places just as worthy that the US either ignores or sells arms to destroy. Yemen is an example. Hugs


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